I've just found an article in a local newspaper stating that the MOD has just signed a contract with a private medical company to supply Medics and specialist medical staff in operational field hospitals:

"Whilst the initiative may well help address the current shortfall of military doctors, estimated last month by the BMA to be at around 580, the key objective of recruiting through Frontier Medical is to attract highly qualified professionals with key skills and expertise that will enhance the overall quality of medical support in operational theatres. The recruitment schedule includes consultants in General Medicine, Anaesthetics, Burns & Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Neuro Surgery Emergency Care and Radiology as well as General Practitioners, Pharmacy Technicians and Radiographers"

SHOCKING!!! Is this another death nail in the DMS coffin? (no pun intended! - threaders get weaving), perhaps the powers at be should be spending their time, effort and money into recruiting more military medics/healtcare staff and attempting to retain it's dwindling military staff. The DMS and the soldiers they look after deserve better.


But still not sure this the solution to gettig the numbers up. Is there not risk of this becoming another Selly Oak, but in an operational environment?

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