Operational allowances?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Morning

    Been asked the question and can't find the answer - whats the score ref allowances etc for a Tour?
    Daliy rate / Civvie pay I know, plus TA pay on top, but what else?

    PSI does not know...


  2. You dont get your ta pay on top of civi pay if your civi pay is more than your military pay (upto a limit of £300,000 maximum) then they top your mil pay upto your civi pay.
    plus you get any reasonable out of pocket expenses e.g. if you are single have a dog and have to kenel it for the duration of the deployment or if your home insurance goes up becuase your house is empty you can claim that and in certain curcumstances some child care can be claimed for.
    Op allowance and LSA is paid on top of the above, depending on how many LSA days you have you may also get a bounus, LSA amount is on a sliding scale depending on the amount of days you have done. not sure of the exact amount of the op allowance but the figure of around £11-£12 sticks in my mind.
  3. What he said above. Although I'm sure Op Allowance is around £29 a day, just over 5k for a 6 month tour.

    UWA is on a sliding scale depending on what you were doing. Your basic mincing about in osprey all day was £3 a day.

    Should also get a mobilisation bonus of around £450.
  4. RP578

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    First off well done for convincing them you're not too old after all! :)

    Secondly, the guide for this is JSP 753 (available on ArmyNet), Chapter 5. I've copied out a bit below, but you might want to look at the bit that I underlined and emboldened (para 0508 ) in case you are still self-employed. Essentially mate, they will walk you through everything at RTMC, so if you take along every bit of paperwork you can think of, they will get you what you're entitled to.

  5. Yes you do.

    2 chaps from my Coy have recently mobilised and got their TA + civvy wage.
    They both earning well above their ranks pay.
  6. Actually this is the first ever post on Arrse where the OP is genuinely posing a question on behalf of a mate.

    (B_B on tour? Whatever!)
  7. Please read the rest of the post again.
  8. Maybe I shouldn't have put the bits in brackets in the post
  9. Agreed. Civilian earnings = civ employment income (includes salary plus any bonuses) + TA pay + TA bounty. Allowances for additional costs as outlined above are also admissable.

    Reservist allowance is subject to a cap (6 figures with a higher rate for medical consultants).
  10. Seconded.

    I received my civilian eqivalent salary, plus the reserve pay i would have received had I stayed at home(based on previous year's attendance), plus an allowance for walking my dogs everyday (as I couldn't nip home at lunch time to do it), AND I qualified for bounty.

    Add to that the money I saved on not driving to work, and not paying for food.

    Never been as well off!
  11. They DO NOT take bounty into account in the calculations. Well they didn't for me anyway!