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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Antonio, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,

    Just returned last week from Herrick and last monday asked my clerk to put in for my operational allowance. How long should this take to hit my account. The only reason i ask is that since a mistake was made with my LSA (ie wasn't paid any), i now have a month off work with just a normal pay for the month and the usual bills to pay. Wanted to take the wife and kids and do something nice.

    As i understand the LSA will not be paid till i get my next pay at the end of Aug, so the OP Alowance would come in helpfull.

    Does anyone have any experiences,

    Thanks alot
  2. Most people should have it in on their next pay packet. All our was, so I can only go by our experiences.

  3. Antonio, as you've not received the LSA you are due, you can see your clerk and ask for an EPIC (emergency payment in cash). if you haven't been paid LSA and he agrees you will be, then you could ask for a payment of up to the anticipated amount. i think it will have to be signed off by the RAO OC or equivalent.

    how it works is:

    you get a cheque for the agreed amount, by hand from the pay office.

    you put it in the bank and spend it.

    when your LSA eventually goes in, you pay them back (give a personal cheque to pay office) the amount you received on the EPIC.

    this is what i was advised to do by the JPA helpdesk when they didn't pay my disturbance allowance for the second month running. got a cheque the next day and don't have to pay it back until DA appears on my payslip.
  4. CR not stricktly true, EPIC's have to be taken back within 30 days either from Pay or from Claims submitted, however, if an advance is given on an MOD F 300 this can be held onto until the allowance is paid.


  5. Depends on your admin staff mate. I got back on the 25th of the month after my last det, and my op allowance was paid at the end of the week along with my pay. They are generally pretty good with op allowance.
  6. Is the Operational Allowance not paid as a daily rate every day? Or is it just a lump sum when you return from your tour?
  7. Op allowance is a lump sum payment - I got mine about 10 days after I got from tour (unfortunately the credit card swallowed it) - I think it depends how good your clerks are at getting claims in quickly.
  8. news to me. DA claim went in early june, got the EPIC couple of weeks ago. been told not to pay it back until DA appears in my pay, most likely end of aug or sep...

    ho hum. i blame JPA :)
  9. Post deleted. I found what I needed on another thread. Thanks.
  10. Couple of weeks, wait until the 30 days, after that, ICT's/Bde start to get involved if the EPIC has not been cleared, they won't with an advance on the MOD 300 though. Check out the BPG and Op Bulliton's on EPICS.


  11. Just a quick one slightly off thread is this in place for Kosovo also
  12. No, it's not.