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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cormack, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone confirm that this doesn't cover Op Tosca and only Op Herrick,
    Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for the link dragstrip
    this would suggest tosca ain't covered
  3. There's no suggestion.
  4. So taking all of the above into account, I got Med Vac'd start of this month due to shity Gall Ballader but only spent 48 hours in Hospital in Bastion and only one day here before release to await the knife, I had 32 days to go on the 6 Months 21 day tour...where does this leave me? I'm not expecting the full amount of course.....so do i work out what i would get by how many days i served in theater?...I know its a bone question but a bit of clarity would be nice
  5. Tosca is not covered by the allowance but you should still get LSA and possibly LOA (Cant remember it was 12 years ago I did it)
  6. TOSCA is not demanding; the only dangers are sunburn and drinking too many brandy sours!

    Do you still get the R & R package?


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  7. thats a very good package
  8. Yes they do, on top of LOA and LSA. I also think there some small amount of UN payment as well.
  9. Yes, just multiply the number of days you did in theatre by the daily amount of Op allowance, £29.04 I think and that is how much you will get.
  10. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Not sure if it has changed but I am almost positive that the guys on H10 who were hospitalised and then aeromeded were given Op Allowance up until the official end of tour date.

    JPA allowed the input of a future date for OA with a reason of medevac.
  11. They were still doing it on Herrick 12 although there was talk of a review so that it might be done on a case by case basis in future.
  12. Cheers Guys.kind of puts my mind at rest
  13. ive been earomed out of herrick 13 and was told that i dont qualify because i didnt go from hospital to hospital,, and even tho i fractured my ankle on patrol it wasnt classed as a battlefield injury so my OA finished on the day i was earomed to the UK