Operational Allowance to be stopped for Injured Personnel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ferg, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. On the introduction of the Operational Allowance provision was made that if you were hospitalised for injuries received in theatre you would receive the allowance for the planned duration of your tour. New guidance from SP Pol is that your Operational Allowance entitlement will cease as soon as you are discharged from hospital having been Aeromed from theatre. The rest of your convalescence won't attract the Operational Allowance. If you want to get the £2320.00 promised by the government "in recognition of the increased and enduring nature of danger in specified operational locations" make sure you're not injured. If you are injured make sure you book yourself on the first trooper back to theatre on dischage from RCDM if you don't want to miss out financially.
  2. Got a reference to the new guidance?
  3. Nice one, good to see the "Top Brass" showing their miserable leadership qualities again.
  4. This is what Defence Minister Derek Twigg told the House of Commons on 11 December 2006 [HANSARD LINK]:

    I would appreciate urgent confirmation of the new guidance. The issue affects actual BAFF members and BAFF would be prepared to take it up immediately with the Minister, copy to other parliamentary contacts.
  5. Perhaps their wives haven't told them what to do yet.
  6. I can't publish my source on this forum but would be happy to reply to any PMs.
  7. If it's a legit ruling then it'll appear in a JSP or similar. So can be linked to here. If it's a ruling cos some dweeb says so, then that can be published here to...!
  8. OK. The JSP states that the Bonus will be paid

    "For the duration of the planned length of the Service person’s assignment to the operational deployment, if the recipient is hospitalised in theatre or elsewhere."

    To date this has been interpreted as: if you are hospitalised for whatever reason you'll get Op Allowance for the planned length of your tour. The direction coming out of SP Pol is that this should be interpreted as: you'll get Op Allowance paid for time spent in theatre and hospital only up the planned duration of your tour. Currently trickling down the functional chain. No amendment to JSP published yet.
  9. To play devil's advocate here- if you are discharged from hospital you are presumably at home. If you are at home you can't be classed as on ops thus shouldn't receive that portion of your bonus for when you are at home.
  10. If this is true what next PAYD on rations while on Ops? :? 8O
  11. So what you are saying is if you are not hospitalised then you do not get the allowance in exactly the same way that the bloke beside you in the rear party doesn't get it.

    If you are on Ops you get the daily bonus for every day you are there (or hopitalised) if you are not you don't.
  12. Thanks, Ferg. Have to say I'm having difficulty in seeing the exact difference between (a) the JSP and (b) the new direction you say is currently trickling down from SP Pol.

    Is this entirely about individuals (like crowbag) ceasing to qualify for the Op Allowance when they cease to be in-patients, or are there other issues?
  13. I was told by some of the injured soldiers in Headley Court, that PAX didn't acknowledge Headley Court as a hospital, so they stop their payments. These injured soldiers where on wards with nurse's getting treatment etc. Is this the same thought process?
  14. Which sounds like it means if you are on a 6 month tour, and as result of an injury end up spending part of that 6 months in Hospitial anywhere, you get the full Op allowance.

    Ohh....Thank you Ferg for the quote.

    Mong edit cos I'm rude!
  15. If there is a way for a civil servant to arrange and engineer a reduction in payments to soldiers by interpretation of regulations, it will be found - make no mistake about that!