Operational allowance to be doubled

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by oldcolt, May 25, 2010.

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  1. Had a quick look on here and was very suprised to see this has not been done on here as yet... unless I have missed something 8O

  2. I've seen in mentioned somewhere, they were pushing it through as one of their campaign promises. RUMINT has it that it won't be paid out this year though? Obviously, would be chuffed if it was backdated though.
  3. To 1997? :D
  4. Backdated to start of Herrick 11 we have been told.
  5. A very short term approach.

    What happens if Fox calls a halt and takes UK troops out of AFG? Back to basic pay.

    Don't you think the troops deserve the same wage as a copper?
  6. Backdated or not, it is very welcome and not before time.
  7. If UK troops are out of Afghan then an Operational Allowance won't be needed. A short term approach works for me.
  8. Whet, you seem to have missed the point. This is focused at those actually on operations. Basic pay for all is an entirely different argument.
  9. But they will be on, for instance, just over £15000 for coming out of the box? Is that good enough?

    Why do the services have to put up with a greater enbuggerance than the police but get circa £4000 less?
  10. No it isn't.

    The government had a choice, given the policies held by their two parts - double operational pay or bring salaries up to a living level.

    I think they chose the wrong policy.
  11. Whet, as per my last, no it is not good enough but it is a completely different issue.
  12. Because the Forces get fed & housed at a subsidised rate, Plod & the rest of the emergency services have to find their own food & accommodation in the market.

    Surely as an ex-Serviceman you should know this.
  13. Whet, theer are a lot (the majority) of the Army NOT currently on operations. On average, a given soldier SHOULD spend 6 moths on ops and 2 years in between. So most ARE on the basic pay without the op bonus.

    The choice was not and is not one or the other. There are four choices, one, the other, both or none.
  14. I agree with the good captain, T and C are totally different so there for the pay is aswell,
  15. Not really. Have you experienced PAYD and service accomodation recently? It hardly represents excellent value for money. I have been accomodating and feeding myself at market rates for some years now.