operational allowance bonus

mine is due to be paid the end of this month

does anyone know how much it is??? and if you get taxed on it???

think i'll lose a bit aswell.. as i had two weeks out of theatre (medivac) and i've come home 10 days before end of tour
Chris not at work however I believe you won't lose for when you were out for theatre for medical reasons.

It's non-taxable.

Think the rate is about £12.75 a day.

1 Bde were paying their's in 2 stages, I would guess they have paid you up to and including 31 Oct 07, the remainder should be in your Dec Pay - hopefully. It should show the dates paid on your paystatement however. :D
Count how many days you were in Iraq for, include your R&R cause you get it for then as well. Take off any days outside Iraq and mulitpy that by the daily rate for the days that you were there.

You should get it for evey day in Iraq and from 01 Nov 07 every day in Beuhring. You should also get it for your R&R as stated in the JSP.

Do the maths and then complain if it doesn't add up :p

just checked decembers pay via armynet

worked out i spent 175 days in theatre

175 x 12.75 = £2231.25

i got paid 1759.50 of it with last months pay

therefore i should of got paid 471.75 on top of my wages this month... like i was told we would

anyone else here in 1 mechanized brigade been paid the rest of theres this month?

BECAUSE I HAVENT, was relying on it asw.ell.
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