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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by andy.martin90, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. Hello peeps I am Andy Martin from Cambridge and I want to share some exciting news. A new charitable has started up near Cambridge aimed at disabled or injured or just ex military. It offers a chance to get fit in an outside enviroment in the company of like minded people all for FREE and if you want a trip to Belize next year sometime. Have a look at the web site Home, on the site you will see our aims and idea's as well as our contact details. Again this charity is aimed at EX military because when we leave we lose a BIG support network and it is made even harder with an injury or disability. We want to engage these guys and girls in the process of designing, building and using an out door eco gym and obsticle course specifically for injured and disabled vets by injured and disabled vets. These people are our country's most prescious commodity we won't throw you on the scrap heap. We want you for who and what you are. Have a look at the site and drop us a line. You'll enjoy it.


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  2. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    FFS just how many ex service charities do we need,don't these do gooders realise that they are just causing competition for the already under pressure RBL/H4H or are they on the" PTSD Worldwide" con to making a fast buck out of the suffering of others
  3. Jim.
    A couple of things
    1/ I don't beleive for one minute that you were ex forces because if you were then you would welcome what we (warriors) are trying to do.
    We are the only charity of its kind in Britain, we want to help the disabled and or injured vets. We want them to feel USEFULL again as apposed to useless. We want to use their knowledge to mentor disenfranchised kids to help them and themselves.
    2/ If you took the time and made the effort to actually look at the web site then you would find out that we are doing this for free and that the people who take part with us will be the one's who will make money from with the RE-TRAINING that we are offering. On top of this they will earn their way to Belize.
    3/ If things pan out between the MOD, H4H and RBL then they will be beging us for help, but you and people like you, obviously cant see past the nose on your face when it come to us (warriors). Again we are FREE OF CHARGE, any money made WILL go back into the the charity to make the facilities and equipment better, thus the experiance better.
    4/ IF you was in the forces i bet it was something like the RLC or RCT you know a unit where intelligence wasn't required
  4. Wah? Gotta be...
  5. Guys

    I find it disappointing to see a post for a project manned by ex-forces veterans (some of which are disabled) looking to help others like themselves and be a role model for deliquent kids descend into some kind of slagging match.

    I am involved in this project along with Andy and a few others - I have been called many things in my time but never a 'do-gooder'!

    We are not in competition with other forces charities we are working with them and have had very constructive meetings with BLESMA, SPVA and COMBAT STRESS. We are not pulling funds away from H4H or RBL, as it stands the majority of funding to date has been from private sources and since its launch earlier this year NOBODY has been paid a single penny for the work that has gone into it.

    This project is being driven by ex-forces guys wanting to help other ex-service guys - I dont understand why that would generate such a hostile and negative reaction?

    If it is believed that we are attempting something fundamentaly or morally wrong then I am only too happy to listen and take the neccessary action - as it stands we have number of ex-servicemen, physically disabled, mentally traumatised or just old sweats wanting to join in and help out. None of them have raised any of the concerns highlighted by contributors to this blog. It is probably for that reason Andy feels so strongly in his defence of the project - particularly as he has been a major player and as worked extremely hard despite the fact he is seriously disabled.

    I am interested to hear if you guys believe there can be 'too much' help for veterans? Do you think its better to let 1 or 2 main players handle ALL the responsibility of care and support? Is it more effective to have large organisations buying large offices and paying large teams of staff or have more smaller 'niche' organisations working with small overheads and delivering one to one services directly to guys on the ground.

    The idea of a PTSD 'con' is a new one on me. Please eloborate as to whether you believe the 'con' is with the guys claiming to suffer or with the organisations set up to serve them? Either way I will take your response to the table at my next meeting with COMBAT STRESS and highlight it for discussion.

    In conclusion - NOBODY is making any bucks, fast or not. Ex-servicemen who have decided to do something for themselves, for other like them and for the undisciplined youth of this country are not 'do-gooders'.

    I look forward to seeing some eloboration on your points so that they may be addressed properly - I hope I have at least gone someway to alleviating some of your fears and concerns.

  6. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    I was talking to a very senior RBL person the other day about this, and there is a problem, there are now hundreds of forces charities in operation and most are run by well meaning wonderfull people,but some are not,PTSD Worldwide is a questionable one for starters,but just how many of these people are in for the long run, at the moment the forces are high in the public admiration, and causeing the formation of all these charities, but how many will be running in lets say 10 years, the funds needed to start a charity are pretty steep and if the charity folds after only a short time that money is wasted, where it could have been put to a better use by one of the more established organisations, there is also a problem with some con artists seeing the success of H4H as a ticket to a free lunch and a couple have already been found out trying this on. The public will only donate a certain amount of cash to charity and surely spreading this funding across hundreds of non cost effective charities is foolish, only the other day someone said to me they will not buy a Poppy because they donate to H4H and they had no idea that H4H was for the treatment of serving soldiers and not for us old gits on War pensions. I'm not haveing a go against you people who are trying to help others I'm just saying is this the best way to do it
  7. Thank you Jim for posting an intelligent, well presented and well informed response.

    I appreciate what you are saying and I wholeheartedly agree that we can not allow dubious organisations to capitalise on the current goodwill the general public are showing towards our servicemen and veterans. I can give you my assurance that we are not one of them.

    Allocation of available funding is also a issue and something we are very aware of hence we are looking at alternative means of generating income to support the project that doesnt depend on public donations. We are developing other means by which the project can be finacially sustainable in the long term. We are also keen to provide addition resources to other complimentary groups - thus saving them costs.

    I agree large established organisation have an important role to play and that a having numerous small organisations is inefficient but there is a middle ground providing there is suitable cross-pollination between organisations and that groups are not all drawing from the same pot of cash.

    The counter-point to having large charities is the fact that they grow to a size that means they require a great deal of money simply to exist. With millions of pounds being spent on office buildings, salaries, marketing, overheads etc - wouldnt that money be better spent by a few smaller charities delivering direct support to individuals on the ground?

    I'm not suggesting I have all the answers Jim but all the time guys are coming to me wanting to get involved with the project I'm going to do all I can to help.
  8. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Can't fault you, and I agree with every thing you said but it is becoming a problem and I think sooner or later there must be some kind of meeting or such of all the military charities, as the system at present is a bit of a mixed up mess. The RBL system with the Branches ect is now totally outdated, with a lot of clubs costing more than they are worth to mentain old buildings,there should be a re-think about the whole charity funded care system IMHO
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    It strikes me that Warriors return is looking at this situation with a fresh set of eyes. It is a not for profit community project which is different from a "Charidy" and from what I know the focus is not "give us some money and we'll do some good with it" rather it is on setting up an org. that promotes more than just the physical and mental recovery of those of us who may be broken in body or mind but not in spirit.

    From what I can see Warriors Return will take a bunch of people including broken down old sweats and build a team using the core elements that the Armed Forces use for team building. Once that team is in place they then intend to extend the opportunity to the wider community. Including but not limited to disenfranchised kids.

    If any org can take a bunch of broken and fractured individuals and re-instill in them the Pride and purpose they had before they lost an arm/leg or what ever and by doing so help them help themselves and then by extension help them to help others, then I see it not as just another "charidy" type org but rather as something that has the potential to make real and positive changes to the lives of those it involves.

    And I wish it every success.