Operation Venetic


Very impressive indeed.

It will be interesting to note who of the ARRSErati suddenly (and permanently) stop posting.... ;)
Far out, I wonder if those involved will let it lie, sounds like Columbia and the Narco's.

I hope we dont see witnesses, jurys, judges and the police being intimidated.
Easyjet will be pleased as they have just reopened their routes to Spain!
What will be impressive is if the CPS manage to actually lock any of the scrotes up for a decent stretch.

I'm sure there will be inconsistencies, technicalities and any other load of crap used by their very expensive briefs to get them off.


Hang on, there's a knock at the d..........
I warned you last time you walked on the grass and you took no notice. Look who's laughing now.
It will be years till you can clear your name and then there will still be those who say there's no smoke without fire.

Just be thankful you didn't walk across the square.
Defence Solicitors & Wigs will be celebrating.
Cash cows.
Brings to mind.....
C'mon...c'mon.....Urray oopp 'Arry cahm on...
"We're going dahn the pahhhb....

Not you ......or you....:police::police::police::police::police:


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I m going to wait for the six books and four films meself .


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I JUSt wondered , how is it that everyone in sarfend can give you the names of the top three villeins in the parish but they never seem to get arrested . Cressida said that some folks will be surprised to see that their perfect neighbours have been collared. People who other citizens just wouldn't believe that they were gangsters .
If they've caught Sunglasses Jeff and Olaf I need to make plans a bit lively.
I've got 15 MILAN posts(not sure how the wire spools before you ask) 200 rockets (best before March 21),
25 Somali hookers (Fairly well trained)
1 gram of Peruvian flake that I found in an old jacket.
Sensible offers only


Good news - there will be more space in the Club Europe cabin of the London - Malaga BA flight now we can go back to Spain.
Very impressive indeed.

It will be interesting to note who of the ARRSErati suddenly (and permanently) stop posting.... ;)
I'm still here.



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This was organised crime. Bugsy only does disorganised crime.
He has a fearsome reputation though. The Bad Guys leave him alone because they know he could still retaliate after being killed the first time.

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