Operation Telic

Having left the region last time in May 2003 i am keen to gauge opinion on what is happening at Shaibah (hospital) currently, as i return soon.
What's the latest? What's the place like to be at now?
Facilities...PX, NAAFI, Burger King, telephones, internet, general living conditions?

Many thanks.
Don't know about the hospital but SLB has great facilities. The Welfare village is very good. There's a Subway, Pizza Hut, good shop and a couple of cafes. There is also a lot of phone and internet facilities. The food is really good too.
The hospital site at Shaibah has decent accommodation in Corimecs, with its own internet and phone cabins, gym, EFI shop and (non-alcoholic) bar, and small but well-stocked chogi shop. The food is very good. Other facilities on SLB as described above - you may wish to avoid the unhygienic looking barber at the Welfare Village, however. If the Danes are still there they used to do a good brunch at the weekends.
The drinking had certainly stopped by Telic 5 (just for the hospital staff, mind you - infantry, engineers, RLC etc. were considered more trustworthy than doctors, nurses and other medics), and I gather the ban continues.
What the hells going on there, on Telic 3 & 4 there was no probs getting a can or 2 via the NAFFI bar & extras via the GSMs bar near the acclimation camp.

Is it the typical, lets not treat them like adults they may just do a good job syndrome.

As for what does the camp look like, try google earth pointer to 3025’31,95” N 4738’31.01” E the picture is about 1 yr old, but from all accounts hasn’t changed much.

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