Operation Telic 8

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 307, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. 307

    307 War Hero

    Right I am gonna be tottally blunt and honest here and am already typing this message from under cover. I am part of a forward observation team in a TA artillery battery. I have just seen the trawl for Telic 8 mobilisations. 1LI,1 PWRR and the QRH are all requesting E2 (any capbadge if im not mistaken) riflemen. My dilmemma is this, I am currently in the process of joining up to HM forces full time and I have a selection weekend in March, I could postpone my application I'm sure, but I'm not really one for mucking people around like that really. But I have also always said I'd like to do a tour before leaving the TA, I owe the mob a lot for all the things its done for me. I don't really know why I want to do a tour, just feel as if I do. The thought of actually going to Iraq is quite a scary one to me. Would just appreciate some advice on this please fellas, I had pretty much got it into my head that after Op Herrick in April fell through I wouldn't be doing a tour but now this comes up.
  2. Waaah. I hope anyway.

    You don't know why you would want to do a tour??????? Why are you in the TA?

    Thought of going to Iraq is scary??????????????? Good God, keep away then.
  3. Go for a walk. Chill out. Get your head together. Ask yourself this:
    What do you want to do with your life? How old are you, what are your options? Are these options mutually exclusive (is it one or the other?),or can you do it all if you use your head.

    The army is a big green machine, a bureaucracy that crunches numbers and shifts bodies. You don't owe 'the system' anything. You owe things to your mates, your capbadge and, one day, your subordinates. But The Army plc is an employer, that will thin you out or turn you away if you can't as value.

    It sounds like you're a young guy, who's enjoyed the TA, and is now going regular. How much time have you left before you're too old too enlist? I suspect you've a while yet.

    You want to soldier and go on ops? That makes you a good guy, a proper soldier, and not another tourist. If this is you, march to the sound of the guns, and get your tour in. Do it. We won't be there very much longer, and a motivated volunteer is worth ten tired men. Providuing you know your arrse from your elbow.

    Above all...stay cool. Its not everything, and the world turns.
  4. It's worth checking with your PSI as to if your allowed to go on telic 8....

    Just because it's there, doesn't mean we can go...

    There some secret agenda going on somewhere?
  5. PM me and I'll let you know :wink:
  6. Wants to join the forces full time, and scared of Iraq?. Sounds like a wannabe crab.
  7. If I may say - what a cracking post.

    I'm going to pinch bits of it and claim them as my own. :)

  8. Next TA recruiting campaign I recon.................
  9. Mate, After reading that you could probably make people jump off cliffs.

    I take it you have done your motivation course!
  10. anyway back to thread,

    307, go do a tour, HM forces will be waiting for you when you get back and you'll only come back a better soldier. Nothing wrong saying the thought scares you, it just shows your respect for the job you’ll be doing. Take the challenge get the gong and say you were there and did your time.
  11. im going on Telic 8 along with a number of my mates. no drama no excitement just lots and lots of stagging on 8) i can do that :wink:
  12. I am off on Telic 8 too, I am quite excited along with some trepidation. First Tour for me, needed to be done, first opportunity to be able to go.

  13. 307, Nothing wrong with being scared mate, being scared keeps you focused, its the blasé fu**ers who are not only a danger to themselves but more importantly to those around them. My advice, volunteer, enjoy, and wallow in your own self pride and sense of achievement when you come home. Also it can't do your application for regular service any harm

  14. my third in recent years but same feelings. you will get a lot out of it believe me. a lot of myth dispelled and a lot of truths learnt especially about yourself

    have a good one mate
  15. go on telic 8 ,look , learn ,and see how the army works on ops .That should cure you you of wanting to join up .
    Seriously though it will be a good learning experience for you as to whether the regular army is your bag .
    i m going myself on 8 third tour in as many years . good luck not just on 8 but in your chosen career .