Operation Takeaway - New police powers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BigRed, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted before however surfing through Haunted Fishtank last night happened on "Traffic Cops," just as they said improved Police powers now meant that they could take your vehicle from you on a routine stop if you didn't have car insurance. There is no longer the seven day grace period to show licence and insurance to your local Cop Shop.

    Quick search on net throws up a few bits like:


    Main concern is this has not been well advertised, know a lot of people that don't carry docs in car for Sy purposes. Think police are linked to insurance companies but still wouldn't want car towed away because not carrying insurance docs.

    Anyone out there got any further info??
  2. I watched it. Basically if the police check showed you had insurance and license then you get a 7 day producer, it was only when the check showed the driver had neither or was banned was the car towed.
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Seems like a good idea to me.
  4. Sect 1675 of the Traffic Act? I think that what they quoted, bloody excellent to see the looks on the faces of the scrots who had no right to be driving in the first place. Maybe insurance will come down!!
  5. It was great to see the Chav's suffering even if the coppers did seem to be enjoying the new powers a bit too much.

    Edited due to my mong grammar
  6. sec 152. if your vehicle does not have insurance registered on the Police National Computer they will sieze your car.

    you will be issued a form with which you have 14 days to produce at a police station an insurance cover note covering the vehicle seized and the person who was the driver at the time.

    you cannot sell the car if it is impounded and get them to produce insurance as it is now the property of the Chief Constable.

    you will also be summons for driving whilst uninsured.

    if you really are insured and your insurance company did not inform the police you can claim the £125 seizure fee and the cost of garge charges from your insurance firm.

    If you do not produce said documents and the car is valued under £1000 the car gets scrapped if it is more it is auctioned of for peanuts.

    It is a fantastic power the police have and hits the sh*ts who drive uninsured , the ones who crash into your car and drive off.
  7. Get in 'bout time too.
    Why should i have to pay higher premiums and/or risk having one of the scrots smash into me and me get feck all.
    I think they should have to press the button on the crusher/compactor too and have the pic put in the local rag to boot.
  8. I think it's a great power and should be spread across all the other police forces nationally, only problem is the scrote is still back on the road a week later in his next 50 quid motor, brilliant idea though never the less!!
  9. They should put the scrote in the crusher as well as the car.....
  10. Bit drastic 4(T), use only for a trial period and then review after first year.
    or first couple of years.
  11. No way JonW!

    This law actually does something close to what is says on the tin - and about time too.

    Tw*ats who drive uninsured deserve everything thats coming to them and if anything this law should also require that the indiv concerned be arrested and taken to the police station until all the facts are known. If thats overnight, so much the better.

    What society needs is more of these kind of innovative laws that make people respect the Rule of Law, rather than scoff at and ignore any kind of authority.
  12. The only problem I can potentially see with this is when someone who is fully comp insured on their own car drives another car (my policy allows this allbeit only third party) which will potentially indicate no insurance.

    What an arrse that would be if you were driving in the North East and had to make your way back down south.

    Or does the police computer detect the driver is insured? Please excuse me I'm hungover and shouldn't be trying to think too much.
  13. I think that provided, you are covered by Fully Comp and can prove you have the owners permission, you are OK. Of course if you are driving a service vehicle, either "off - route" or whilst not on a recognised duty, you are also uninsured (as you are not covered by the Militarys self insurance system), so theoritically the police can take the service vehicle away.
  14. Hmm, perhaps we can have an Arrse competition. First one to do it wins infamy, i'll even buy them a trophy.