Operation Stolen Valour Image at the top...

Weird, I thought the norm with this at the top of the forum that it covers the ARRSE Mushroom man, my computer screen is wider than my other halfs' yet on hers the BNP image is off to the right of the Mushroom Man...

Is there a way to change this?
OSX 10.5 - doesn't work with any of my browsers.

Camino (10.6.10) - blocks the right 50% of Mr M-H

Firefox (3.5.3) - blocks the right 85% (ish - can't see the SUSAT)

Safari (4.0.3) - blocks about 30% (just the the right of his snoz).

I wouldn't waste too much time on it though ...

Edited to add - this is all a result of having a poser's wide-screen laptop.
Okay - the link image appears to be a fixed position to the left of the window, whereas Mr M-H is relative to the white border ... Hence the differential rendering with different browsers and window sizes.

<div id="logo_container">

<div id="bnp" style="position: absolute; margin-left: 255px; top: 40px; z-index: 99;">

The problem is that the Mr M-H image contains the ARRSE text. If you cut the middle </div><div> out, you'll whack the BNP banner over to the right. I'm not a good enough web-designer to know how to fix this ...
Good CO said:
It should be OK in everything normal. What browser / OS Gundolph?

Idrach was spot on there:

Firefox (3.5.3) - blocks the right 85% (ish - can't see the SUSAT)

STrange as I thought her narrower screen would have the images squashed up and not this all singing, all dancing 17" Screen 8O

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