Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. When we first started OSV , the aims were as follows.

    1. The encouragement of as many service personnel and their familes to register to vote

    2. Information to be disseminated as widely as possible on how best to accomplish this. A task most admirably achieved by Hackle and Viro as I'm sure most will agree.

    3. The issue of Service voter registration to be made aware to the larger public and politicians. Once again , admirable work by Hackle, VB , The Lord Tim , and the work continues.

    However, we now move onto the next phase. This phase involves mobilising the vote.

    My feelings on the failure of certain information literature to arrive with units is known. This has placed the service vote at a distinct disadvantage. So , we wil have to punch above our collective weight to make the difference. to this end I propose the following.

    1. Members of the Armed Forces and their families, start emphasising to their colleagues and others, how important it is to get the vote out this time. This election will probably see the lowest turn out ever. Your vote will make a difference as never before.

    2. Command Staff to set aside time to educate those under their command, how important it is to take part in the democratic process. Even one half hour session as background activity , or a formal presentation by an OC or CO can make the difference.

    3. OC's and CO's to consider inviting local political candidates from the mainstream parties onto their establishments, for the purposes of hustings, and to engage their personnel with the political process, as well as putting Politicians in the hotspot. If they want your vote, make them damn well work for it.

    4. A campign of neutral literature and electronic imagery emphasising the importance of voting, to be designed and implemented for distribution within units as soon as possible. I think all such literature may well have to be submitted to LAND, HQ STRIKE, CICFLEET etc for the necessary permission to be obtained. Can anyone advise on this?

    That covers general neutral activity.

    Adopting an aggressive posture;

    However , for those that wish to make sure their vote can contribute to actual change, M'learned friend Hackle has prodced a document, which I think will be of interest to all. I'll not steal his thunder, you can read through and comment after he has posted.

    Suffice to say , I will be looking to facilitate his proposal on this means, with permission of the CO's , as soon as possible.

    I give the floor to Hackle :D
  2. PTP thanks. I strongly support what you say, including your comments about distinguishing between "neutral activity" and the "aggressive posture". This might generate some thoughts in the "aggressive" category:

    Tactical Voting and Tactical Vote Swapping

    1. Read first this very interesting article from the Country Life website, a surprisingly good resource for election news, see above:
    Vote-swapping comes to Britain

    2. Tacticalvoter.net
    3. Tactical voting advice from the amusingly-named www.backingblair.co.uk

    4. So Now Who Do We Vote For?
    5. Strategic Voter 2005
  3. Unfotunately tacticalvoter.net are not making any reccomendations in regards to scottish constituencies. :?
  4. Another tactical voting site, which includes Scotland. Can't remember where I saw this one, Agent_Smith. :wink:

    "Don't Vote Labour" website

    This one is anti-Labour, mentions infantry cuts on their home page.
  5. Many thanks hackle. It just seems that not a lot of these sites think about scotland, and that one has a particular relevance to some of the members here.

    Keep up the good work :D
  6. A reminder that the politically neutral/non-partisan 'HM FORCES VOTER INFORMATION' sticky continues to be added to and updated.

    'OPERATION STEEL VOTE' is now linked to from the sticky, as are the Alternative Election Posters.

    To save repeated searching, anyone who would like to keep track of the main 'electoral' threads might like to click, then bookmark, this link:
    Selected election-related topics on ARRSE

  7. I have had an extract and 3 words drawn to my attention.

    Duty of care

    ANNEX K(J) to Chapter 5 states (para 10):

    Wish I'd known the above back in January. Then again, who knew the information was going to be so late getting out? :evil:

    Now I know I'm stretching this a bit, but would this not also encompass briefing the men and women under your respective commands on the importance of exercising their democratic rights to vote?

    Scrap this . This is expressly forbidden under QR's , to wit

  8. PTP, to reassure you ref 'Unit Procedures', we have been saying much the same in the "HM FORCES VOTER INFORMATION" sticky.

    QRs have an extensive section on electoral matters, but my copy (Amdt 26) is out of date in that it has not kept up with the civil legislation: QRs may in fact turn out to be the source of some of the out-of-date MOD website info. The bits you posted remain of course in force. Good drills whoever beat me to it, thanks.

    I'll go further into this PTP as soon as I find the time.
  9. Thanks Hackle,

    Not sure if that wording means NO political parties, or those which are controversial.

    Then again, in all the Parties, someone is bound to say something controversial.

    I shall now do some research , into how much of this Governments time , effort and money , is spent on getting other 'minority' groups to register, and indeed vote.

    Should be interesting :twisted:
  10. PTP, no political activity of any kind permitted in Service establishments. Off-base, no problem provided uniform is not worn, Service duties are not impeded, and no action is taken which would bring the Service into disrepute.

    Full extract from QRs now posted in info 'sticky'.
  11. In view of the QRs we obviously couldnt get away with displaying any posters in barracks - even the great 'Alternative Election Posters' which are more aimed at slagging off rather than promoting any particular party.

    Material simply encouraging individuals to vote would not be "political activity" (QRs, J5.582), but it would have to be very carefully worded, and there is no obligation after all on units to allow such material however innocuous to appear on welfare noticeboards and other public places. It would certainly send Adjts running for their copy of QRs.

    T-shirts would be an interesting variation.

    We can do a lot on the web, but we and the parties do need more ideas quickly to get the voting message out amongst - in someone's phrase - the non-ARRSE troops. 30 more days to go.