Operation Santa Soldier

My County had the brilliant idea of collecting for the Men and Women in Desert Combats. I nick named the above to make an impression on the Cadets at our Detachment about where some Service Personnel would be spending Christmas. So we are collecting books, CDs, DVDs and unused toiletries to send out.

Are any of you doing something similar?
unused toiletries
You aren't jolly jack tar trying to have a laugh are you?
GwaiLo said:
unused toiletries
You aren't jolly jack tar trying to have a laugh are you?
This is one thing I would not joke about. It does sound stupid but it's the way it was put to me. I honestly don't know what the lads and lassies can get hold of out there but to me it seems more a case of showing a bit of support and remembering what a job they have to do, when family and friends are far away.
Excellent idea.

Toiletries and other things are quite widely available now but the thought will definately be appreciated. I'm sure some of the lads may even find the time to write back and tell you a bit about what they are doing and possibly send some photos.
I agree, I think its an excellent idea. As well as showing support, it will help the cadets to understand and think about what is expected of soldiers. I'm just upset that I didn't think of it.....
My Det did this a couple of years ago. We teamed up with the lady who runs the Supportoursoldiers website and sent a couple of hundred boxes over to the sandy spot.

Never really heard how they went down, but it did concentrate the cadets' minds.