Operation Samson

Obviously I understand opsec requirements for above but was interested to know if anyone has been on the course or deployed as part of the job and what their thoughts are, especially if they have an infantry background as it is something i have been interested in for sometime, please pm if prefer and look forward to any advice or thoughts on the job and course.

Nobody will tell you anything about this on an open forum, by PMs or any other means. Have a look at the relevant DIN and have a chat to the recruiting team, they'll tell you what you need to know.

Unless you're a journalist.
Been there done that i was interested to know personal opinions on the course with a view to doing it myself, there are far larger breaches in opsec on this website then knowing someones personal opinion on a course so dont give me that need to know crap its not a difficult subject to cover within the rules of information.

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