Operation Safe Haven - Turkey/N.Iraq 1991

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mark_space, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone on this forum could provide details/links on a (...possibly apocryphal...) story from subject op...

    The story concerned members of the British contingent protecting Kurdish refugees from abuse by Turkish soldiers, and handing out a shit-kicking to said soldiers in the process. Details are to the best of my recollection from conversations with American troops, and scuttlebutt around Incirlik.

    I cant recall what unit would have been delivering the knuckle sandwiches with a side-order of bitch-slap...40 or 45 Cdo Royal Marines?

    Since this took place before common use of the Internet, there have been few details from Google. Thanks!
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    [TD]Hi Mark,
    I took part in Op Safe Haven in 91. I also spent a lot of time in Zakho with 45. I can tell you a few horror stories of how the Turkish use to treat the Kurdish people.
    The Kurds were beaten, raped, robbed and murdered by the Turks regardless of age or creed, male or female.
    I recall beatings being dished out on a regular basis by the Turks against the Kurds it was a daily routine they endured.
    We had to stop this brutal behaviour and rather than over-react on someone (like shooting them dead)you had to physically stop them and it would often result in 'skin on skin' scenario.
    We also had to deal with the Iraq police as well who would maim/murder relentlessly for valuables or just for the hell of it. We often traded punches with the Iraq Police. So there may have been a few punches exchanged Mark but never did any of us Royals hand out 'Shit-Kicking'.
    Some of the Turkish people and Iraq Police did a lot of bad things out there and a lot remains un mentioned and will always be kept quiet.[/TD]
  4. I only discovered this site after a few of my muckers told me about it. I read the guys thread and as I was there I decided to answer it. If I've offended anyone I'll just remove it. No problems HHH and if I'm out of touch I apologise. We all know what went on out there so I merely answered his request.
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  7. Why would you need to know any more info about something you may or may not recollect from hearsay? Odd this thread should start at this time.
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