Operation Repo - Sad News

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SausageDog, Jul 20, 2013.

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    There's an American TV show called 'Operation Repo' where some unfeasibly obese hispanic debt collector (aided by a Blue Oyster Club reject called Matt) repossess cars, with hilarious consequences.

    Normally, the white trash douche-bag who's 7 months behind with their car finance payments will steam out of the house, brandishing a makeshift weapon, and after some toe-to-toe chest puffing, and some really gay looking 'pushing' there might be a wee wrestle on the grass, or something.

    Well guess what? I just found out (by reading the TV guide) that the footage is merely 'Dramatized Reconstructions' of actual repossessions. I feel dirty, I feel used, I feel cheated.

    What other brain-deficient American TV shows feature all round fakery?

    Don't tell me Joey Greco and Cheaters is fake too?

    Please, console me in this time of need.

    (I only found the programme today, and it was going to be my new favourite, so sit in my bedsit watching while eating Pot Noodles and reminiscing about the days when I was Westpoint.)

  2. Er.....all of them. That's America.....fake. Fake tits, fake teeth, fake smile, fake "have a nice day"....fake everything.
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  3. "Wee" wrestle sounds interesting.
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  4. I do believe their ignorance of geography and politics beyond their own realm is genuine. And sincere.
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  5. Fair one.
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  6. Lizard lick sounds like repo as well. Two fat rednecks and one lass that's a ten pinter face.
    If you can get the episode with the ex marine who walks in with a hand grenade pulls the pin and asks for his truck back pronto. Entertaining yes, real time I highly doubt it just seems too far fetched.

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  7. [​IMG]

    It appears that some piss takery has begun to take form to see how gullible the US public are to these 'Fake Reality Shows'...

    Shame really, since Zero Over could have had the limelight for a wee bit.
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  8. Wasn't this chap was it?

  9. Just the funniest thing ever (until I realised it was fake grr)


    The mentalness starts at 1:05, then he sort of breaks down into a Michael Jackson impersonator, and avoid getting a kicking because his parents let on that he's insane.
  10. Have u seen amish mafia yet..... that show takes the piss. Other week it was about blackmailing some high official in the amish community. If that was true wouldn't they have the FBI etc crawling up thier arse with a fibe tooth comb.

    But saying that I do love a bit of alaska gold rush.

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  11. I saw that once.I was amazed by the amount of machinery and men on site and the damage to the ground they made to get out a very small amount of gold.
  12. Pawn Stars is as real as a purple Unicorn.
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