Operation Plunder....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Indeed, 19 weapons over that period sounds pathetic! We'll never get the revolution going at that rate!

    I did particularly like the bit at the end:

    "The risk of battlefield weapons reaching crime gangs was highlighted with the murder in Hertfordshire in 2003 of the gangster Dave King using an AK47. It was the first time that a Kalashnikov had been used by British street criminals. One theory was that it had been brought back by a serviceman from the Balkans."
    - My italics.

    Whose theory, may I ask? And here was me thinking that crims could get weapons from the Balkans the 'normal' way, without the army being involved.

    Typical piece of Murdoch journalism, I'm afraid.
  2. There was police heli chase of a Drugs gang in Lancashire/Manchester in 1999 where a AK 47 can be seen sticking out the car window and fireing, so at least o
    ne was in UK prior to 2003.
  3. Murdoch papers are as bad as the BBC for 'theories' and 'sources within the services say', and neither miss an opportunity to do the forces down (despite the current, stomach turning 'Christmas with our heroes' articles in the Scum). It has been proved that, with our increadibly lax border controls, anyone can smuggle a weapon into this country. Bearing in mind that the Albanians basically opened their armouries when the regime collapsed and that Kalashnikovs are one of the most numerous form of small arm to have been produced, the weapon could have come from just about any country that used them - from East Germany to Vietnam.
  4. Just a few of points from the article I find interesting:

    7.62 ammunition seized at RAF Brize Norton. I think if you visited any barracks/air bases you will find these somewhere

    The most impressive Iraqi trophy was a gold-plated AK47, presumed stolen from one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces. The dictator gave the weapons as gifts and they were used on ceremonial occasions.

    It was seized by Customs at Heathrow with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, six bayonets and a sniper rifle in packages addressed to the United States. UK forces?

    Plundered gold-plated Iraqi weaponry, including a pistol bearing the name “Tariq”, is being stored at the National Firearms Centre of the Royal Armouries in Leeds. these were "found"

    Methinks a little bit of bad reporting here
  5. One of the main problems is that the MoD has done away with the soldiers' traditional right to bring back legitimate, legal & harmless trophys (eg your own personal maps, or own forces' shell cases with FFE cert, etc). At the end of Telic 1, all such reasonable trophies had to be handed in, in exchange for a receipt and a promise that they would be forwarded to Units. This turned out to be a bald lie, in common with much that eminates from the powers that be these days.

    This is part of the nationwide hysteria, stoked by the Police, Home Office and media, about anything to do with firearms and munitions - be they perfectly legal or not. I would say that in more than nine out of ten media reports about arms, where the Police are trumpeting a seizure of some sort, the items in question are in fact perfectly legal - and you never, ever see a correction being later issued by either the Police or Press. (Case in point at the moment going on about inert munitions being sold on eBay....).
  6. I can only assume that this article was used as 'fill' during the holiday. Otherwise, I hope, it would never have been published.
    What is interesting, however, is the question of if it could have been written without MoD assistance - and if so, what message were they trying to get over?
  7. Presumably little articles like this are an attempt by the spinmeisters to reassure a public worried by gun crime (not least that committed by asylum seekers and illegal immigrants), that the government is doing something. They also often seem to appear at times when public support for the military is high (troops away from families over Christmas, Bliar's visit to Iraq seen as the PR stunt it was).
  8. I got gripped on an ASP baton. The cnuts let it take me over but had it off on the way back. They said throw it in that bucket and we'll have it destroyed. My arrse. Went straight outside and give it to a Septic in the car park. Fcuked if the Crab Plod were having it!
  9. I wonder how much plunder is now in the homes of Military Police type's homes and bars?
  10. Or on ebay.....
  11. FNUSNU-no plunder at this c/s despite several Op Plunders conducted. Does that make me the only honest monkey, or is it just that your opinion was formed by an intellectual pygmy? :wink:
  12. Not honest, just means there's been naff all worth finding :)
  13. Big difference between Op PLUNDER and ATSy!
  14. AES69-sorry, I missed your point?
    Balders-trust me, plenty worth finding. Its amazing what the average soldier can lay his hands on at short notice!