Operation Pale Horse - Indo China 1967


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I have opened this as a separate thread because I'm quite intrigued by the specific 'Black Op' referred to and I'd like to add some info to the Wikipedia stub.

I am also conscious that, apart from 49 Para Walts, there may well be US and ANZAC pers in this forum who actually served in SE Asia.

Pale Horse was a precursor to the much exposed Phoenix programme of targeted assassination. It was allegedly undertaken by Green beret/SEAL teams working with indigenous tribals

The files on Pale Horse are, apparentely still classified (more than thirty years after Saigon fell) - I really can't be arrsed to get my tin foil hat on to ask why.

But the relevance today is that there is a theory doing the rounds that USFOR in Iraq are raking back over the evidence on both Op Pale Horse and Phoenix to see if there are lessons to be re-learned.

Indeed, the hysterical supposition is that much of the tit-for-tat killing going on there is actually a new Op Pale Horse......

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has info on Pale Horse BEYOND the dead-end Wikipedia entry.

BTW, all this spook stuff almost obliges one to don the tin-hat....be aware that a recent bio-hazard Civ defense exercise in the US was ALSO designated

Op Pale Horse...........coincidence?

[Cue X Files theme.....]

Lee Shaver
There used to be a tinfoil bunny conspiracy theory about MS Windows that involved this phrase. Apparently a specific combination of keystrokes during the boot brought up a picture of a...pale horse! Which was supposedly teh backdoor that relayed all your data to the aliens/freemasons/Jews/CIA/Illuminati/Trilateral Commission/ZOG/enter your mental illness here.

Two alternative debunks were either that it was a myth, or else that it was a programmer joke, an easter egg as they say.


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so? seems to be a popular name for various Ops...referring back(obviously) to Revelations 6:8 :

" And I looked and beheld a pale horse;and his name that sat on him was Death and Hell followed with him...."

Operation Pale Horse was the origin of the Phoenix programme - neither was particularly amusing....

Programmers.....what a bunch of jolly japers they are.....now, anyone know anything about Pale Horse in 1967 please ?

I would imagine there is some kind of official archivist at Bragg - given that it was such along time ago, has anything been published ?

Appreciate any leads ( apart from to Festung Microsoft, Marin County !)

Le Chevre
Goatman, have you tried the US Army Military Institute, Carlisle Barracks , Pennsylvania? I`m poor at this computer stuff, but I`ll try to post a link.......www.carlisle.army.mil/usamhi/ You can probably find links there to other official sites, there is a whole military history beauracracy with each of the services maintaining a historical branch and there is a lot of duplication and crossover . I found a lot of info there concerning my old unit in VN, but it was a regular unit and not involved in those type operations, which I suspect are going to be really hard to trace, even if they`re in the public records,the records don`t seem to be catalogued very well and because of the sheer volume of them. Sorry I cant help more, but I`ll lookout for more info. Incidently, a very useful book I`ve found is "Dirty Little Secrets of the Vietnam War" ,James F. Dunnigan and Albert A. Nofi ISBN 0-312-19857-4 I`ll also see if I can find some Australian sources.


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Thanks Spruce - very helpul post. I'll Google for the book.....keep it coming folks !

The best book on the Phoenix Program is called "Phoenix and the Birds of Prey" by Mark Moyar. He mentions a program called ICEX (Intelligence Coordination and Exploitation) which was a predecessor to Phoenix. After September 11th, a lot of the relevant documents from the Vietnam era were reclassified.

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