Operation OLYMPICS - a personal view

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yokel, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. Despite the predictions of some, the Armed Forces did play a major security role during the Olympics, and will do so during the Paralympics. The MOD link is here. In time there will be statistics of numbers of personnel involved, also ships/aircraft/missiles deployed.

    Unlike many of those who got pinged at the last minute, I knew I was going, having had the mobilisation papers several months ago. As such, I had decent accommodation, no tents and thunderboxes for me. I must admit to having personal doubts about the Olympics - both because of the cost and disruption involved, and due to philosophical issues. Nonetheless, it was an opportunity to portray the UK in a positive light, with visitors from all sorts of places. In the week before the games, I read a newspaper article that claimed that the Government saw it as an opportunity to help do some business deals, so in that sense it hopefully contributed to national objectives.

    Generating so many personnel at short notice may have been a pain, but did it impress anyone? It impressed me, and I wonder did it help influence or deter anyone? The General who visited my site told me that the whole thing had given HM Forces a more positive public image than at any time since the Falklands War. Personally I found this to be slightly worrying given the involvement in various theatres in the last twenty or so years, as well as continuing operations, which sadly involved loss of life during the time of the Games.

    The Government is grateful too for being bailed out - will this result in any leverage for the Service Chiefs? Certain aspects of post SDSR policy are in an incoherent mess but could easily be made into a success story - if only the politicians would listen to the advice offered.

    During the period of the Games, other international news stories were pushed far away from the front pages, yet the ongoing situation in Syria, and continued tensions over Iran's nuclear programme are of greater long term importance than a sporting event.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Leverage with politicians? What planet fuckwit MBA in bullshit did you come from?
    You'll get the same as every other deployment for bins, fire fighting and ambulance driving! Absofuckinglutely **** all!
    Its what you are paid to do!
    The Olympics? What olympics oh yeah you mean that shit that disrupted Eastenders (insert babyfood for the intellect of choice) the govt same as ever will be cynically seen as shit and trying to milk it!

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  3. I agree with Ugly. Having been in 20+ years I've seen any number of examples of the Army digging out, and each time the senior officers spout the same line....in the meantime I've watched mates made redundant, seen my pension slashed and so gave up waiting patiently for the "leverage" to kick in. I find it incredible that we still cling to this utter folly.

    I'm afraid the only leverage is that Richards et al appear to be "good schoolboys" at the next meeting. It is as simple as that and is no different to the shiny OC at the Coy O gp, the CSM who delivers for the RSM when he needs a Guard roster filling etc etc.....its all forgotten 'til next time but people want to be seen to be "can do".

    It is simply our job to get on with it and not to worry about "leverage"......there really is no point.
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  4. If you believe that then welcome to cloud cuckoo land!

    Edited to add: Just seen your location, now I get it!
  5. You speak lots but say little. Less is so much more sometimes ^~
  6. A grateful Government....oh please I'm going to be sick
  7. grateful not a hope in hell,i would like to think they may smell the coffee and not cut to such a point that is a danger,however,come 2014 i think TA and Serco maybe the cheapest way of having numbers on a bit of paper.
  8. Either I need to stop drinking, or you do!

    Which is it?
  9. I'm mainly relieved both Games were a success, showing Great Britain and all who participated at its best.

    Im glad Some of my family who we're fortunate to obtain tickets in their chosen category & enjoy the whole experience.

  10. Yokel, cheers for the work, but your PID has been 'rationalised', please post your uniform to MOD (as your QMs dept is also being rationalised) and pat your own back as you lock the doors and switch out the light.


    Mr vanilla MP for somewhere.
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  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'm relieved its all over although we will be regaled with stories for ages about dame this and sir that when truth be told they have done a job, paid for by the taxpayer and some not very well at all!
    Perhaps now I can get back to asking why if the disabled are such great atheletes they need the parking space closest to the entrance of anything?
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