Operation Mincemeat

Am I right in thinking that Op Mincemeat was the one during the Second World War where the body of a civvy who had died from pnuemonia was placed in the water off the coast of Africa (I think) with a briefcase containing false plans for the invasion of Europe? I've been trying to find more info on it, but my search on the web brings up very little relevant info, making me think I've got the name of the Op wrong.

Does anyone have any info on this at all? I'm sure I've heard of a film made about this too, and I'm sure it's called 'The spy who wasn't', but again, I cant find any info on it.

Either I'm a mong, or I'm completely off track......




Some very interesting reading there.

Still wonder why I couldnt find it tho.....Must prove I'm a mong....

Cheers again!

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