Operation Mexican Freedom draws closer...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11226144/

    I fancy what could happen it would be Iran/Iraq border.

    Meanwhile, American forces are overstretched in Iraq and look in Iranian direction.
  2. Remember The Alamo!
  3. If these people are being caught red-handed, the border authorities and deputies should have the right (and legal support) to shoot them on sight. These drug dealers and the soldiers they are paying off are the scum of the earth, incredibly violent, and they are feeding some of our worst elements.

    Unfortunately there are a lot of political implications with this that I don't believe should even exist. Law-abiding Americans of Mexican descent have nothing in common with these thugs and we should not defend them under any circumstances. Ethnicity aside, uninvited armed soldiers on our soil could rightly be seen as a hostile gesture.

    The illegal immigration/undocumented labor issue cleaves from the uncontrolled space of the border, so that's another legal discussion...the apocalyptic picture that some racial activists in the States like to paint about immigration is, to my mind, alarmist (California has the seventh largest economy in the world, I believe, so immigrant labor can't be hurting THAT much, can it?).

    However, purely to address people breaking laws and control who is coming in and out of the country for practical reasons, this is part of the same issue.
  4. So, how much is a Davie Crockett hat and a Bowie knife?
  5. It's DAVID, David Crockett. See the film.

    <Puts on anorak, heads off to count match box collection>
  6. Steady on missus! I didn't think we had that much sun in UK as to turn your neck that red. Shoot them on sight? If disposed of so suddenly and finally it would be difficult to ascertain exactly what they were doing wrong that merited such condign punishment and you have got to the state of executing - without trial - those who are at most trespassers. Whilst I suppose US law would allow the land-owner to do this just as if they were found inside your house, I cannot believe that a load of vigilianties come posse should be entitled.
  7. Heh. I know such an outburst is out of character for me, ORC, I'm normally so warm-and-cuddly. :D Maybe a bad choice of words...I can only plead my deep and abiding hatred for the people who make money this way. They terrorize and cripple economically nonviable towns until the local populace has no choice but to comply, and then connect with our own homegrown scum to spread similar influence and substances. I also suspect that some of these guys would kill one of our officers without a second thought if they believed there were no consequences.

    I was kind of thinking concrete evidence, along the lines of being caught unloading puppet dolls full of heroin from their Jeeps, before summary execution. :twisted:

    Seriously...you're right, I could never condone the kind of measures some folks think are necessary against the Brown Menace. Armed self-styled militias opening fire on unarmed,unidentified walkers or carloads of braceros would be very, very BAD. But what appears to be a minor military invasion would surely merit a different and justified response? Or am I turning into John Wayne?