Operation London Bridge

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Legs, Mar 17, 2017.

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  1. Don't panic, it hasn't been called (as far as we know...)

    The Guardian, Independent and other news media have been talking of "Operation London Bridge". For those that don't know this is the code word for the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second. Quite an interesting read in the Guardian about the ten days following her death; from the passage of information to the funeral plans.

    Now I don't know why this is suddenly in the news (unless they know something we don't), but I thought it might be of interest (stand fast Bugsy and the other Republicans amongst us).

    Operation London Bridge: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

    This is the secret code word when the Queen dies
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  2. It isn't quite so secret now you've posted about it is it.
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  3. Used to be a mock up of the coffin trolley thing at HMS Dryads drillshed.rumour was a few drill instructors would have to come out of retirement in the event of the next full state funeral.
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  4. Keep the Scottish quiet for a bit.
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  5. As if...
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  6. As they say up here, "Aye, right." Some of us won't be happy until the King Across the Water makes his return sea journey.
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  7. But will they be crass enough to use it as an excuse to demand another referendum ?
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  8. My brain hurts just thinking of the security planning. Simply anyone who wants to be someone will be there, along with all the crackpots. Remember the positioning of police on bridges over the Thames to stop the wildly maladjusted from throwing themselves into the swirling waters because they couldn't have life without Diana?

    I think this is an excellent, balanced article from the Guardian - when that time comes, and whatever one thinks about the Queen, the Windsors and Constitutional Monarchy, I think that there will be a lot of people in shock.

    My parents were born in the same years as Liz and Phil; they married in the same year and went in to have 4 kids. Both parents dead; along with 2 siblings. I shall spare a thought for both The Queen and Prince Philip when they pass. After all I've worked for her for nigh on 32 years.
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  9. King Donald ?
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  10. I just hope there's none of that anti-Thatcher 'the witch is dead' malarkey. But after all, we're talking about Scotland so anything is possible. Queen Nichola, anybody?
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  11. Only if Scotland isn't consulted on
    A) who is crowned after her
    B) Allowed a UK vote on becoming a republic

    So that's a yes then
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  12. I hadn't realised that George was euthanased back in 1936. At the convenient time of midnight to ensure the morning papers could be printed with the news of the monarchs death, if the article is to be believed
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  13. They'll ask for their lump of rock back.
  14. The BBC's 'Category A' death and funeral coverage is rehearsed under great secrecy. This is to prevent a nasty cock up such as the one that occurred at Sky News before the Queen Mother had actually died. An Aussie editor (or producer) at Sky who was not privy to the obituary rehearsal saw a script outlining the 'departed' Queen's death and rang his mum back home. She phoned the local radio station to brag that she had exclusive news and the story spread - without anyone checking the facts other than to ring the Aussie in London who'd fucked it up in the first place. Even ABC News were involved -where heads rolled shortly afterwards.

    If only Murdoch had been summoned to the Palace for an interview without Earl Grey.

    The most recent rehearsal was quite a performance and I now know what I'll be doing for an unspecified 15 days of my life.
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  15. In The Queen, that Helen Mirren film, the private secretary said they'd be using 'Tay Bridge' for Diana's send-off.
    Queen Mum was all irate - But that's MY funeral plan!
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