Operation Life Support - coming to a Base near you!

Operation Life Support
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NAAFI Financial is revving up its Life Support Unit to take their Ladies in Red out on the road.

You might ask why Life Support? Well, NAAFI Financial has talked to widows of military personnel, and the consistent message coming back identifies the dramatic shortfall in death benefits. A recent widow received a lump sum of £90,000, which will not enable her to buy a property for the first time for herself and her children.

To make military families more aware of their requirements should a tragedy befall their family we have launched the Life Support Unit. Over the coming weeks Ladies in Red will be touring BFG making house calls at the NAAFI MAXs listed below - stop by and chat through your requirements with the team.

We are the only provider of life insurance to give immediate cover against war risks including terrorism, nuclear, biological and chemical warfare for those deployed to Iraq.

Visit the Life Support Unit and give yourself a financial health check, be surprised by how much we could save you each month – don't wait until it's too late.

NAAFI Financial said:
Coming to a NAAFI MAX near you…
None of them are anywhere near me!!
We are pleased to announce the following new dates for April 2005:


Monday 18th – Tuesday 19th

Thursday 21st – Friday 22nd

Saturday 23rd

Sunday 26th – Monday 27th

Tuesday 28th

Wednesday 29th
So NAAFI Financial are only interested in trying to attract business from a trapped audience in Germany. It might not be cost effective to drive a minibus around to the UK 'Spar' shops, but you should still be offering this type of service to us over here as well......
Not at all – our trial in Germany has been a success, and as a result we are now making preparations to offer the same service to our UK customers.

We will be launching Operation Life Support UK in May, and will post the dates and locations here.
Watch this space!

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