Operation Lebanese Freedom ORBAT

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Themanwho, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Elements of 3 Cdo Bde / 16 AA Bde

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  2. Elements of 12 Mech Bde

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  3. Royal British Legion

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  1. As the Dear Leader is crowing his noggin off about a UN peace keeping force as a buffer in southern Lebanon, no doubt HM Forces plc will be expected to offer up a few ritual sacrifices, er I mean supply a well rounded and capable component to contribute to the UN's force.

    The barrel has been scraped so much that it can't be long before we'll be putting MOD plods through OPTAG surely?
  2. Surely the contributing nations of UNIFIL will be responsible to build up their forces. Not our fight/peace.
  3. I'm just concerned that St Tony of Freetown is making a big deal of this and may well offer whatever's left of HM Forces to carry out the task...
  4. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    UNIFIL would be the logical choice but their inability to deal with the problem so far is probably influencing the thought process on this one. If even the Sec-Gen of the UN is calling for such a force, he probably feels that UNIFIL are incapable (for whatever reason) of effective action.

    As ever with these things, a politician somewhere - with limited knowledge of defence issues, local history and culture, Middle Eastern political affairs etc - will feel that this can be solved in about 15mins and win some votes for himself at the same time. He will therefore commit forces to this and look surprised when it takes a lot longer than planned/more people die/it escalates into a regional conflict/it goes tits and everybody dies etc etc.

    Chances of British Forces involvement? With our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, logic would say a token presence only would be the only commitment we can make (hmmmmmmmm - define token presence). However, given that our drawdown in Iraq was supposed to allow us to deploy to Afghanistan and ministerial logic determined that the drawdown had happened therefore we could go to Afghanistan, do we really see our lords and masters saying to the media "Sorry, chaps, not got enough blokes for this one. Tell you what, we'll sit on the side and keep score."

    I foresee that some poor sods, just back from somewhere hot, dusty and Middle Eastern will be told that they're going somewhere hot, dusty and Middle Eastern.
  5. Apparently if we hold off until after the summer season, The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will be able to provide air cover...
  6. I think you'll find it is considered Near East - as in HQ NELF. That'll make all the difference when knitting the soldiers together - SofS will be able to say 'we are not committing more soldiers to Middle East operations, this is a mediterranean theatre campaign.'
  7. 1. Invite 3 Cdo to report a few weeks early for duty and stop off in Lebanon on the way out to Helmand.
    2. Invite 16 AA to stay a wee bit longer in Helmand and then stop in on Lebanon on the way home.
    3. Invite 19 Light to report a few weeks early for duty and stop off in Lebanon on the way out to Iraq - to cover handover from 16AA to 3 Cdo.
    4. Invite 20 Armd to stay a wee bit longer in Iraq, whilst 19 Light is busy elsewhere. Maybe ask them to pop into Lebanon on the way home too.
    5. Invite Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness to lunch with Yo Blair, offer a couple of peerages for a couple of months of 'extra peace', and deploy HQNI to Lebanon.

  8. However, in all seriousness, the answer could well be 19 Light Brigade - which will really screw up the Telic 9!!!!

    If it is a NATO force sent in, and let's face it, who else has the capability, there is something called the NRF which is designed specifically for this. Who is the current NRF lead brigade? 19 Light Brigade!!!!! Although, it's true they stand down at the end of the month. So, in answer to the question, whoever is the land component for NRF 7 is the logical answer.
  9. Chelsea Pensioners, the Yeoman Warders along with the Army and Combined Cadets Forces! are a valuable military resource and can provide cover as a UK Land element of the Field Army.

    There is always the Long-Term reserve of thosed aged 55-65 many of whom are doing nothing sitting at home having taken early retirement or who have been made redundant.

    What manpower shortage?
  10. True overstretch when I start getting asked to do reverse triage :shock: ... not to say that overstretch isn't in place already but reverse triage is real overstretch!
  11. Capital idea! Those fine young lads and lassies could do with an overseas camp for a refreshing change and hte holidays are about to kick in, just change the grid ref for camp, everything else is in place.
  12. A Foreign Office minister was on PM (Radio 4) last night. When asked if UK were likely to provide troops, answered that there were none at the moment spare due to commitments and other countries, (naming no names, but imagine he meant France) should be prividing troops for this task.

    Link below

  13. Reverse triage?

    T C
  14. Ready for the good news - and this is especially for our septic friends - it's the combined Franco-German brigade formed in Eurocorps. And who is designated as NRF 7 Land Commander? A French General. :) :) :)

    That makes my day. King George will NOT like that. Heheheeeeee!!!
  15. A good friend of mine who is a Sargent in the Irish Defence Forces done two stints with UNIFIL. He told me it's a waste of time and only went back to take advantage of the extra pay!.