Operation in Iraq

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Danny_Dravot, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. i could probably google this or phone a friend, but i thought i'd check here first.

    2 questions about iraq:

    firstly, what is the op name for the people still deployed there (not talking about SF types) but those in advisory, admin, logs type roles...are they still on Op TELIC?

    secondly, if one deploys to Iraq now in such a role as above, what campaign medal is awarded...is it still the usual Op T medal?

  2. anyone???
  3. I thought the name Op TELIC was used to refer to the whole of British operations in Iraq. Not just the combat ones. I think it's still in use. No idea about the medal though.

    Edited: found you a link.
  4. Still the Iraq Medal
  5. thank you.

    does anybody know any serving personnel that has actually received the Iraq Reconstruction Medal? just interested, i am a bit of a medal spotter!!!

    Other Iraq medal
  6. From the link you provided (and printed in bold text):

    Does that answer your question? :roll:

    Now stop asking bone questions and instead learn to do your own leg work and think for yourself.
  7. RMP CP teams got the Iraq Reconstruction Medal for serving on black tours
  8. look, you fcuktard, i included that link as it had nice pictures so fat-walts like you can masterbate at pictures of nice shiney medals....

    maybe you prefer this link that has the official medal policy stating clearly that the medal is in service....

    official medal policy

    no go back to salivating at air-cadets...cnut