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Discussion in 'REME' started by MuddyMettle, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,

    Just after some help, My AQMS is of on Op HERRICK The lad's at the workshops want to send something out to him to remember them.

    What sort of things have you sent or got on tour?

    The Funnier the better

    Thank you
  2. bucket and spade :twisted:
  3. Box of chocolates, should be lovely by the time he gets them.
  4. Condoms and KY - To release those moments of pent-up frustration :D
  5. Macdonnalds wrappers, with them green things still in there.
  6. Anything from the News of the World that says " send no money now ". He will be rolling in Stanna Stairlift Brochures and combat hair loss now litrature. What about the legendary Star Trek generations chess set.
  7. Hi,

    Thanks so far please keep them coming.

  8. We did this to a lad about eight years ago, he still gets hair loss and earing aid leaflets. :twisted:
  9. a blow up doll might be appreciated! :D
  10. Its got to be industrial spec or wouldnt last a week out there.
  11. :D good drills that man!
  12. got a half eaten bordon kebab in the post once.
  13. Probably just as likely to catch salmonella when it was fresh. I assume you ate it?
  14. when i was in boz, the lads from 1bn packs sent me a goody bag consisting of a CV12 air intake endcap with frisbee permy penned on it, a packet of haribo bears,opened and an electric toothbrush. I used the toothbrush and got bored with it and canned it. Thanked the boys at 1 bn and then I get the electric toothbrush story.

    funny how I never questioned the fact that the packaging had been tampered with.
  15. Good old 1 Bn (Great times in the Limberg). Top tip never use a tooth brush if you dont know where its been. :wink: