Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by polar, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. In the Gib thread it mentioned the PIRA targets were from the Royal Anglian regiment (and I've read on another website it was a military band)

    Who was the target? We took over from a Irish TA/UDF unit (April 88) and have always believed it was us (D (RH) Coy 3 WFR) or them who would have been attacked.

    p.s. the Irish unit left behind a lot of 'interesting' newspapers/brochures
  2. I remember reading that they had been watching the band on parade at a set time of day next to the Goberment offices?

    I heard that it was music to die for :)
  3. As I said in the other thread it was my unit, 1st Bn The Royal Anglian Regiment, that was the resident battalion. The intended targets were our Band, the Corps of Drums plus one of the guards (as it was the weekly ceremonial changing of the guard that was being targeted). The location of the VBIED was to be in an area between one of the old city walls and, if my memory serves me, a theatre. This was the form up/dispersal point for the parade. My Bn had just recently completed a successful 2 and a bit year tour in Londonderry and the Provies were out for a bit of revenge. Prior to leaving Stroke City a few of the local suspects had got wind that we going to Gib and would often say to us 'have a nice time in Gib'.
  4. I thought the bomb was to be placed in the area between the governers and the church, we were to march to that church service. (my service records say I was in 1 Royal Anglian in April 88)

    I remember being on stag at South Barracks reporting a suspect IED every hour (locals used to dump rubbish opposite main entrance)
  5. Before the shootings (6th March) there had been a buildup of intel indicating that the target was to be the Royal Anglians, during an assembly (changing of the guard) at a designated area near Incey's (sp?) Hall. This was explained as having to do with them p1ssing off the PIRA when they served in the province sometime earlier. That's why the attack was expected to occur Tuesday morning (which would have been the 8th). That's also why there was uncertainty about whether a blocking car would be used, and what the role of the white Renault really was when the ASU started prowling about Sunday afternoon. Afterwards I believe there was some further confusion about the real intended target, but I don't have firsthand knowledge of exactly what was discovered afterwards. I certainly did hear afterwards almost interchangeable references to the guard change/parade/band.

    Turns out of course that the car was very likely a blocker, but Savage had been seen to tinker with something in it after it was parked, and one of the blokes with some knowledge of car bombs from NI saw that it had a mismatched aerial, so he called in it an as a probable bomb.

    Not helped even now by my remark about the Anglians in the other thread, which is a relic of what was 'known' at the time. Thought I was reducing the confusion, not adding to it! My sentiment stands, however.
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    I couldn't find a smiley to roll my eyes in exasperation :)
  7. I remember them jumping over the fence at Litchfield (Feb/Mar 88), trying to get some storey about bullying.....
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    And there was you with a roll of black nasty in your hands and three recruits tied to a bed frame outside in the wet...
  9. Black nasty!! on £10.25 per day!
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