Operation Flashpoint X-Box 360

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by FourEM, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Has this been reviewed at all or has any 1 had a bash :?:
  2. Its not bad, but it is frustrating. It is severely let down by the terrible squad AI, and the squad orders interface. Graphics are not on par with COD/MOH/Battlefield either.

    However, if you fancy a change of pace you may like it. I think its a `Marmite` game.

    Cool Javelin and SMAW though.

    Sell the house, sell the kids, get a top end PC and get ARMA 2.
  3. If you're on about Dragon Rising, yes it's worth picking it up second hand, less than a tenner last time I looked. An enjoyable if a little short campaign, the missions are a lot less linear than those previously mentioned games. Although having said that a couple of missions were bloody frustrating as you are given acres of space to work with but time constraints are put on you which restrict tactics to straight up the middle with bags of smoke. Only had a couple of goes online, not many players. Overall worth a go, but could have been much better.
  4. If this is regarding Dragon Rising, I wouldn't, but thats just me. I prefer CoD and MoH, and its totally different.

    The missions are quite hard and as mentioned above, the graphics and AI aren't too special. The only bit of the game I enjoyed was using the sniper rifles.
  5. Spent many happy hours on this game, get yourself and your mates a copy and you dont need to worry about the AI.

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  6. If other folk have this I'd like to get into a co-op session or two.

    You can play with a team of four.
  7. I think my copy is in Scotland but I'll get it back soon

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  8. Coming from a grumpy old arrse its crap! Too short too linear and no multiplayer either get Arma 2 on pc as suggested or the original op flashpoint the graphics may be crap but the game is much much better.
  9. Just got my copy back

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  10. Linear? Come on, mate, it's hardly linear. The true genius of the game is the fact that you can take your objectives as you see fit. Aye, there's WAYPOINTS on the map you're using but you get the opportunity to skirt away from them. Like the oil refinery mission when you're playing as the SEALs? You can rush in the door, take the appropriate route or set up your own OP on the South flank instead. The one thing the game has going for it is this factor - like the old 'Delta Force' games for the PC.