Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Outlaw 2 One: Knox Gameplay Preview | HD

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by London_native, Dec 26, 2010.

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  1. looks ok but still wont beat the original cold war crisis, that when modded was pure class, ill wait out for the next battlefield bad company!
  2. I loved cold war crises, but the last OF was shit, the team that made the original made ARMA and ARMA 2 under a different company, they are more like the original.
  3. yeh DR was crap but i cant afford to get a decent computer to run ARMA 2 which is a shame as the british forces addon looks good, im happy with the x box though, and to continue with the gaming theme, i was most annoyed when i had to gun down British commandos in Black Ops probably the only time British forces are mentioned and also the fact that apparantley the spetz naz ran Hong Kong in the 1960s, very accurate!
  4. I got DR on the ps3 and can say it was one of the major gaming disappoinments of my life having avidly played the original for years
  5. I must say i disagree with you guy's sentiments. i thoroughly enjoyed DR and played through several times, the last one was on hardcore, the DLC uphill struggle also provided great entertainment on hardcore. However the only drawback was not being able to customise kit load-out.
  6. Did you play the original though?

    Because I think the disapointment comes from having loved the original (which was a proper war sim with massive open battles where lots of random stuff happened) and playing DR which is a scripted console shooter and not very realistic in comparison.
  7. I never did play Cold Crisis.
  8. It was so realistic codemasters did a version of it for US and UK Armed Forces to train with I think.

    And because it was realistic you used to die a lot, and you where only allowed one save per mission, but it never got frustrating, even when you had 30 minutes progress wiped out by being brassed up by a tank from miles away.
  9. Mark,

    Your right the OF engine was used as a basis for a US Army and British Army offline computer training package. I think there was even an article about it in Soldier magazine. However, I'm not sure if it's still in use though.

    The US Army, also used the OF engine to develop "America's Army" a PC/online based recruiting tool. I'm sure if you search the net you might still be able to download it.

    Does anyone know if the original game be played on a PC with vista installed as its OS?
  10. I have been playing it on on vista with no problems
  11. Yeah I never heard of anyone using the game to train with, it was probably like the dcct range, all good fun, but not very useful in practise.
  12. Sorry Chaps, I got it wrong, the British Army used the half life engine for its game!!!

    BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Troops in virtual combat

    If you read the article, there is an article about America's Army.

    However a quick search did come up with America's Army:


    Where you can download the original OF based version.

    For such an unforgivable error on my part, I will march myself over to the guardroom and jail myself for bluffing!
  13. Looks like they've overcome a lot of the basic graphical inconsistencies of the first of the new generation in this series.

    I really hope they've made an effort with the campaign because never enough focus is put in there these days. Console based games are obsessed with the multiplayer when the real trick is to have a nice, big long campaign. This could have saved the new Medal of Honor from getting trashed, had they put more effort in there.