Operation Flashpoint: Project UK Forces

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Chief_Joseph, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. I thought this site might be of interest here, they have addons for download that add UK troops and vehicles that can be put into custom missions

  2. Found em already Chief Joseph - they are really good...just can't wait for them to release the CVR(T)!!!

    Plenty of others out there to track down any Flashpoint Fans should just put OFP Info into Google - huge site there with stacks of UK addons.
  3. How do you addon the addons!

    In biff terms please!
  4. unpack the .rar or .zip file so that you can see .pbo files, copy/put the .pbo files in the addons folder where OFP is installed

    a good news website for OFP would be www.OFP.info including UKFs stuff plus other UK equipment
  5. Some one has put some effort into that. Has that bloke got his hand through a UGL?
  6. was you talking about me answering the first question.... installing addons becomes common place when ya played OFP over the years :D
  7. Dont really get the chance to these days. Real life gets in the way.
  8. i understand

    im 16 y.o here, i bit of time left before i join the world of work

    still... OFP is a good game even after 5 years since its release, and the UK kit just makes the game just that bit better to play :D
  9. Game limitation, new animations cannot be tied to weapons.
  10. Forget OFP bohemia interactive recently released their new game Armed Assault. It's OFP but with a larger map, more units and the best graphics ive ever seen check it out at www.armedassault.com. :D

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