Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon RIsing.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Birdy, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Considering getting a 360 again but just to have a crack on OFP2: DR.
    Is anyone else thinking about getting it?

    Still fairly undecided if it looks good or not.
  2. Definitely.

    It'll be good for a realistic change of pace over CoD.
  3. yer definitely i played the first one and if its as good as that its gona be good
  4. Well the bits I've seen of it look very good
  5. I played the original quite a few years ago and loved it.

    The only reason really I'd buy a 360 again now is to play this but it's looking more arcadey than the original.
  6. bear in mind though, OFP2 is not by the original design studio, Bohemia interactive... they fell out with Codemasters (who own the name, Operation Flashpoint) and made Armed Assault..
    admitedly, not played it but it doesn't look as good as its rivals (noteably ArmaII) and the interface seems...well...crap
  7. Can't wait for it for the 360 but if any ARRSE users still have the PS2 and want a cheaper, scaled down version of it, Play.com are selling it for £17.99.

    I hope the graphics are as good as they look on the screenshots. Hopefully it'll be another game pushing the 360's capabilities to the limit.
  8. What a disappointment! Just bought it, got it home, put it in and after 30 minutes, I've switched it off. A waste of £40! The graphics are okay but the AI is not so good and there's lots of glitches.

    ***Edited to add: Hasty judgement. I've played a bit more of it and decided its okay. 7/10. I'll keep it, cause I don't fancy being done out of £15 if I sell it. :D
  9. If you have a CEX & Gamestation store near you, what I do is print off what CEX give you from the website, then take it into Gamestation where they have to beat it by £1. Example..yesterday traded IL2, Gamestation offered £18, I pulled the printout from CEX which was £24, and then got £25from GS.

    On topic, its different fot the PS3. More tactical, than COD arcade style.
  10. Nice one. Yeah I've used CEX a lot in the past. I've decided though that I'm going to keep Op Flashpoint 2, its a decent strategy shooter game once you get past the initial bits.
  11. Bought the PC version from Amazon yesterday as well as pre-ordering COD:MW2 for the PS3. Mrs Sangreal not impressed! :D
  12. Mate has it on the Xbox 360, it's the dogs danglies apparently? May pop out and get it today.
  13. I have it on PS3 my poor old PC wont handle it and i think it's damn good and a change from the usual run and gun FPS game's that are on consoles. The only thing missing is the mission editor i used to enjoy creating my own brand of mayhem :D but apart from that i recommend it.

  14. Which is why you need the PC version!However the game has been slated on some sites,it seems there are issues with multiplayer mode.Im not a great fan of these shoot em ups but i DO like this one!I cant wait for some mods and additions to be added via the OPF2 community.One gripe is that the PC version only supports the use of a PC version Xboc gamepad,not a joystick or other gampepad!Still its a great game and looks awesome with all oprtions maxed out!