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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Nignoy, May 19, 2013.

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  1. Will it be considered walting to wear (if ever issued)the Op Crown medal,Agroup of dried up old RE wrinklies have been bending the ears of both the thai and british government for years ,begging for a medal tobe issued to members of their association,of which there are less than 60 members, and not to the other 161 other surviving members of Op Crown who cant be bothered putting up with the petty politics of the OCA inner sanctum,suggested names for the medal are the Pattaya medal, the Singha medal , and my favourite the Katoi medal!! no disrespect to Lou Rex and Jim Box
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  2. If the medal is officially issued why would it be walting?
  3. What possible reason could there be for issuing a medal? The only reason I could see would be if we were to start issuing location-based medals for every corner of the globe, which would quickly get very silly.

    Nice bit of building work chaps, but a medal for that would be a fucking travesty.
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  4. A medal for Op Crown does seem a bit much. Why not go for a bar to the GSM rather than what would be a very rare and almost unprecedented medal for such a small operation?
  5. Thanks for the response folks,it is the super elite members of the Operation crown association, most of whom completed 6 weeks to 6 month tours in ban Kok samrahn and didnot qualify for the malay peninsula bar ,who are crying for an extra bit of bling, I was onthe permanent staff on CRE Crown for 29months and was only posted home after the board of inquiry and murder trial of sapper jim box in may 1966, I know I was there and have been taking the piss out of the ICA and their antics since they started crying for their bling ,I dont wear my campaign medals ,they are in abox with all the other memories
  6. If we are going to start issuing bars just for being on a named op, I'm due a few, though as the names themselves are classified, I suppose they would be covered with a bit of black maskers.
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  7. I'm still waiting for a reply to my letter where I asked when the "I got fucking leathered in Paderborn" medal will be issued.
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  8. A medal for building a runway in the middle of nowhere that fell apart?
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  9. When did it Fall apart???? we were there 6 weeks ago and it was still in great condition,when the RE,sfirst played with tarmac ,the odd herc and argosy did tend to sink in the parking area, but the concrete runway has weathered the sands of time, if you care to check the REMF website, between 1968 and 1980 there were over 220 documented landings by unmarked american transport planes on the airfield, flight control was performed by tech 4,s from Phu Mhu,
  10. Can I have a medal for Op Cornelius then? all that sitting down in an NBC suit is worthy of a medal surely.
  11. t
    I just clicked the link.

    Another fail in the high school English essay department I’m afraid.

    This is absolutely appalling stuff.

    This in just the first few paragraphs.

    While the United states became increasingly embroiled in Laos and Vietnam, mounting pressure was being brought to bear on the British Government, as a signatory of SEATO, to go to the assistance of its allies, but this pressure was with equal force resisted in Whitehall.

    (The UK and Thailand were members of the South East Asia Treaty Organisation(SEATO) and Laos and Vietnam were not. Laos and Vietnam had nothing to do with a UK air base construction exercise in Thailand, who the UK were allied with. In any event the airbase built by British engineers was NEVER used for offensive action against Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam . Not once. Not ever. Some Thai Airbases were used for offensive action in Indochina but the airfield built at Loeng Nok Tha was not one of them.)

    In December 1962 however,the Prime Minister, in anticipation of a meeting with President Johnson, wished the U.K. to be seen to be playing some part in stemming the march of Communism on the mainland of Asia without, if possible, becoming involved in the actual fighting.

    (President Kennedy was not assassinated until November 1963. Lyndon Johnson was his DEPUTY in December 1962)

    The Americans were then simultaneously engaged in a massive programme of Special Logistic Aid to Thailand (SLAT) and a U.K. participation in this might be acceptable as a token of Allied solidarity, this participation was accordingly put to C- in - C Far East Command.
    As the work in North Borneo was then all but practically completed and the revolt in Brunei had not yet erupted,

    (The ‘half pie’ communist revolt in Brunei in 1962 PRECEDED confrontation with Indonesia in North Borneo which commenced in 1964. I must point out that both the campaigns mentioned were ‘campaigns’. People were shot at and killed. It was on this sensible basis that Her Majesty saw fit to issue the Brunei and Borneo Clasps to existing Campaign Medals.)

    the advent at this time of SLAT was welcomed in FARELF as a potential fruitful field for further endeavour, offering opportunities to gain valuable experience and favourable publicity for the Services. of the schemes examined by the Chief Engineer FARELF, the construction of an entirely new MTR airfield for use by SEATO forces appeared to be the most attractive. The site was at Leon Nok Tha, near Mukdahan. It was close to Thailand's eastern boarder with Laos and some 70 miles north of an existing rail/air head of Ubon Ratchathani.

    (It is always good practice, when using an acronym to write it out in full the first time it is used on a page followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis as was done with Special Logistic Aid to Thailand (SLAT) and previously and subsequently neglected with SEATO, MTR, C in C, and FARELF.

    A 'boarder' is someone who lodges in a private dwelling whereas a ‘border’, used in this context, is the delineation between two sovereign States.)

    If the written submissions from the gong lobbyists for 'Operation Crown' are as woeful as that submitted by the operations historians –

    .......They're knacked before they even get out of the blocks.

    Shithouse effort Three out of Ten.

    Best Regards

  12. Read the linked article in full. It was unfit for purpose pretty-much as soon as the first rains hit it.
  13. 1 plane a fortnight (approx), Heathrowian in scale
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  14. :)British Army 1958 till 1967 Royal Engineers

    :-x50 Squadron Osnabruck Germany 1959 to 1962

    :-D11 Independent Field Squadron 1962 to1965
    Last of the 3 year postings

    :cool: CRE Operation Crown 1964/1965
    Ban Kok Talat. Arrived Jan 1964 with 162 pieces of Plant and and support vehicles
    Set up tented village for 11 ind field sqn @ Australian troop RAE

    1965 Method of instruction on Mark 1 APC 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier
    Came top of the course :grin:

    :grin::grin:1965 to 1967 Stationed on the river Vasser Hamlyn Germany teaching teams of infantry troops how to maintain Service the APC including the watermanship to put this APC in the water.
    What a fantastic job
    1 I'm my own boss

    2. i'm living in my APC

    3.Night Training I have a dedicated driver

    4. We are about 1 click from a Pub
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