Operation Buttermilk

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by soutie, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know what this was and if so was anyone the subject of it?
  2. If it's the same Op Buttermilk, this was the augmentation (early 90s) of South African troops on ops with reservists. Some went North, others into the townships.
  5. JWNF but youve got me thinking with your comment about the early nineties. Where in the north would the troops have been going? I know there was still a necessary presence but it was winding down by then with SW, Ango and Moq ending years before.....As I understand it, defensive operations i.e. the bawda war officially ended in '89. By 92-93 things were changing rapidly politically. Now this was a busy time for many and I may have missed something, but then Nylstrom Windizi took over in early 94. As debaas of the new democratic govt I dont think he would have been wise to send troops North or commit the (still Vitou) DF to the 'ships would he?

    Lion Ale, now there was a beer!
  7. A lot of the presence in the North up to '94, as I understand it - and bear in mind I'm not a rooinek and at that time was about half-way through a long British Army career full of disgrace - was to keep an eye on the comrades in SWAPO and some of the more crazed MK types who didn't understand that it was all going to fall into their laps shortly, in any case. A cynical man might suggest that a number were tasked with keeping a special eye on the 32 Battalion types, in case they realised just how badly they were getting ripped off.
  8. Gotcha, thanks for the insight