Operation Bite has been scheduled for April 6 at 0040 hours.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Accoding to http://www.debka.com/

  2. Given that all US codenames have two words in them ( e.g. Urgent Fury, Desert Sheild etc ) the name at least is incorrect or partial. Could this be an April Fool in very bad taste ?
  3. ....and the UK military portion is called 'Op tentative nibble'?
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Should'nt it be "Operation Bite Me"?
  5. The way they have been behaving it should be called Operation Bite Back!
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  7. Sergey, It should be noted that whenever there is a hint that the going will get slightly interesting businessmen from the USA often bug out in indecent haste. Although not through personal experience, whenever unrest loomed in Libya in the 50's/60's the Americans would run away to the nearest Aircraft Carrier, thus neglecting their contracts and businesses, and upon their return would get most upset that contracts had gone elsewhere. Unless of course they are leaving as a patriotic act to free up hotel rooms for the US forces.
  8. Nathan its all completely wrong, its actually an EU raid on Iran but they are stumbling on several facts:

    What the code name is

    What date it will be

    What time it will and what time zone

    The French want all radio traffic to be in both French and English

    Both French and English Governments are worried that this German led initiative will undermine their attempts at leading the EU and promote too much unity within the EU.

    The French opposition and government are also worried about the effect of a victory would have on the French people.
  9. Any role for the Italians in this well planned EU Operation ? :D

    Sergey didn't actually comment on the rumour, he just posted a link :?
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  11. Of course where they are most valued, cooking.
  12. No the EU will get it all wrong...

    They will have the French leading, the Germans providing naval support, us Brits doing the cooking, and the Italians ...the fighting...
  13. RIAN - is Russian state-run official news-agency.


    Mr.Lavrov is highly professional diplomat, a true intellectual (one of the few in Russian leadership). I rather agree with him. As for the operation itself then its plan likely was elaborated. But will an order to start it be given? I doubt.
  14. It's a bag of bollox
  15. Maybe, maybe... But suppose that indeed a short 12-hour bombing operation is planning. USA is able to make a significant damage to Iranian nuclear facilities, to military infrastructure. I don't speak about a war, about a full-scale invasion. It could be only a 'bite' but very painfull one.

    What Iran would do? I don't see even one good option.