Operation Banner/Herrick

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by horsey, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. Which one would you have preferred to serve in and why?
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  2. Both a teddy bear's picnic compared to Mboto Gorge.
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  3. You missed out Telic
  4. and Black Buck and Corporate and Flavius and Granby and Grapple and Hanwood and Palliser
  5. And Snow Queen
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  6. Cyprus,how can forget Cyprus? It was a living nightmare
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  7. It feckin is now!
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  8. Having been on Op Wideawake all other ops pale into insignificance.
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  9. Just because of the longevity of both operations. Massive call by the government to put huge resources into a long campaign. Has it been worth it?

    The ANA are corrupt as **** and Taliban look like they'll take Afghan back by 2015.

    In NI, the cabinet said they would never talk to terrorists and "crime is crime is crime" as Thatcher once said. Leaders of the P.IRA are now running the show in NI.

    For the record, I'm ex Army
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  10. Deo Brandy Sours, parakalo. Hard to explain to those who weren't there.
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  11. And Roundup, hey, you had to be there man......