Operation Bagration 22nd June 1944

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Zemlyak, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. 66yrs ago today, operation Bagration commenced which caused some of the most "catastrophic" losses in men and equipment of the whole war for the Wermacht.


    I note in the 'discussion' page there is some debate over the losses on both sides and if anyone has some knowledge on this it would be interesting to know.
  2. What's quite shocking there is not just the German casualty figures, but those listed as 'missing'. I wonder how many were still chopping down trees in far off labor camps well into the 1950's?

    Second Army: 29,080 killed, 32,833 wounded, 12,976 missing
    Ninth Army: 2,955 killed, 13,957 wounded, 64,762 missing
    Fourth Army: 8,015 killed, 29,383 wounded, 113,155 missing
    Third Panzer Army: 8,311 killed, 33,508 wounded, 72,066 missing
  3. Looking at those figures posted by Speedy you can see why BAGRATION is sometimes referred to as simply 'The Destruction of Army Group Centre'...
  4. Used to drink in Gastate in Detmold,
    The owner was a former POW who came back in mid 50's and very tolerant of squaddeis who had one to many.
    He cooked the best Schnitzel ever.
    He would cook until 20.00 then sit down at bar and drink himself insensible till bar closed.
    Story was he never left the Gastate, ever, his 'safe' home.
    Some years later when posted back I went for best schnitzel in Germany, we nodded hello, and he just sat opposite end of bar and drank, schnitzel was second rate and when I went to toilet I saw he had had both legs amputated at knee level.
    Combination of prison and seriously heavy drinking, I understand.

  5. With the 60 odd years of peace we've had in Europe, give or take a few revolts, Prague springs and Balkan breakups, we're so lucky not to have to live thro' the level of trauma and casualties experienced during WW1 & WW2.

    All war is hell, but the Eastern Front seems to have been particularly brutal and relentless in the number of people affected.

    But I guess it wore down the Wermacht if they suffered 75-80% of their casualties there.
  6. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Looking at those casualties - and the number of men who could not, then, be transferred to face our lads in Normandy - I think "God bless Ivan" is in order.
  7. Interesting looking at the stats. They all had a kicking but in the 2nd Army check out the ratio of wounded to killed, its close to parity.
  8. The missing were probably shot and buried as The partisans would also be used to mop up encircled German forces, something i think didnt see too many prisoners