Operation Aintree

Just spent a day at the Dutch war museum at Overloon, a really very impressive collection of material from WW2 and other conflicts. I thought I had heard of almost all the major operations in WW2 but I had not heard of Operation Aintree before the visit.

It was post Market Garden in Holland and concerned the capture of Overloon and Venray from the Germans. This was principal tank vs. tanks warfare with a lot of infantry vs. Fallschirmjäger/SS activity. Although US 7 Armd Div commenced the attack this was overwhelmingly a British operation after the Germans gave the Americans a bloody nose. Here is what wikipedia has to say:


Museum has many of the tanks and equipment left from the battle, including a restored Panther. Over 2500 died in the battle but it seems the battle has been overlooked by many. Worth a visit if in the area, not a huge detour if in Arnhem.

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