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Just a quick wondering from me....

As far as I know, Windows XP has only recently been given the all clear for use by gov and mil users for work network.

Does anyone know any different and if Vista has been cleared for use?
XP has been used for ages - the problem is that benchmarking a network to another OS is extremely complex, time consuming and above all expensive. Being cost prohibitive is the main reason we didnt see XP widely used until DII/C came along in all its glory.

I mention complexity and most people would think its actually quite easy to produce a working OS image for a network. It is (not withstanding there are generally 20 different types of hardware in use), however the DII programme are required to support hundreds of different applications on desktop computers, alot of which are bespoke and designed to work on a particular OS. Rolling out a new OS would cause untold problems with compatibility of applications and the upgrade has been waiting for DII to sort all this out (alot of people would claim that DII are still working on it).

People always quote its still in "testing" but it generally isnt - we just cant afford the upgrade.
And to go along with what Boney said, it was cheaper for us to get Microsoft to produce an up to date bespoke security upgrade (SP7 as it was known) for NT rather than migrate across...
There is also the clamping down on users access, testing of security including extra programs like disknet eg eg

This is not a quick process - especially when the MOD is involved.
The DPA rolled out XP over three years ago to over 10,000 UAD's. A few teething problems but no major problems from a user perspective.
Ahh I see, thanks for the info gents.

I was under the impression that XP had only just been given it's security rating to be used by the MOD as a whole. However the affordability thing makes a lot of sense too.

Many thanks


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