Operating System Missing

I have just tried to do a repair of my operating system (Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium) and at some point during the process it restarted; or more to the point it tried to restart because it stopped and gave me the 3 little words I never wanted to hear - Operating System Missing'. Does anyone know WTF I am meant to do? I don't have a recovery disk.
Go to Download Hiren scroll down to near the bottom of the page and you will see a file called Hirens.BootCD.15.1.zip.(498.36mb) I believe that this will contain all you need. I think you just burn it to cd and off you go.
Try booting the system and press F8 after POST (the black and white writing from BIOS) If you get a menu you should have an option to recover
The only screen I see is the ACER symbol with 'F2 to enter setup' in the bottom left. Pressing F8 doesn't do anything.
Well I appreciate the advice. However I gave it all a swift ignoring after I remembered my Truecrypt recovery disk I created months ago. Needless to say it worked and I am now tapping away on my original laptop.

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