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Oyibo wrote
"I like it. It works well on Opera, the hover-over for the full threat title is nice, and I like having several pages of recent threads.

Good job IMHO"

Nope use opera and its a mess, everything squashed to the left, Adverts cover text.

Slower than Stephen Hawking going fell running with a flat battery.
this, its shit with Opera :(
Sorry Boss, Didn't take a screen shot and it seems to be sorted now. Apple? Use opera on my Dell lappy and at home on the Asus desktop thingy.

Looks ok now apart from adverts overlapping the box to the right.


Opera is the good browser which is giving good speed as well as working properly. It is very good browsing topic as well people are also knowing it fast and it is going more popular.
Indeedy. It make plenty fast and is functioning fine. It is reputationally good across reputations and growth will see it well in future in many countries and principalities.

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