Opensource database advice


looking for an open source relational database software, similar to Lotus Approach. Can anyone suggest one? MySQL is too powerful for our needs but Im looking for something that will bring together 10+ excel workbooks. Ive been looking at OpenLink Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, would that do the job?
Out of interest why not MySQL, it can be used for small things quite easily and can be intergrated very easily. Also has brilliant support and community.

You say 10 work books, roughly how many rows/cols?
And how is it to be accessed?

TMS, we need a really basic database with fields such as contract cost/job nr./site loc./surveyor name/client contacts, probably no more than 10 columns. I remember in approach that the front end search engine was simple to use where you could search under a number of fields and it took a few minutes to set up the database and quickly input the data. The reason Im staying away from mysql is that i know nothing about it and cant really spare the time to gen up.

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