Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by ViolentBadger, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone use OpenOffice in place of Microsoft word etc and does OpenOffice do what it says on the tin ?
  2. oldbaldy

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    Yes & yes.
  3. Ta, thats good enough for me.
  4. I have heard that the other bits aren't as good.

    Any one have experience in the excel version?
  5. yeah, its fine as a basic spreadsheet but if you need integration with programs like access etc or have a lot of formulas its not as comfortable to use (but then thats maybe because Ive got used to excel over the years) dont know how it works with macros etc.

    My god. I actually bored myself reading that back.
  6. I'm with arby on the excel substitute. If you're used to using MS excel a lot, the OO spreadsheet is not as easy to use and the little differences in using it get on my nerves. Of course, if you spent as long learning to use it as I have learning excel (several years and still learning new things), then it might be as good, but I simply don't have the time or inclination to get that good with it.
  7. Open Office is the free version of Star Office. It does all that M$ Office does but better and easier once u get to know it, and with lighter file sizes. It is a Sun Microsystems offering.

    The advantages are that Star Office / Open Office have smaller file sizes (already said that) and understand M$ Office files as well as it's own file formats.

    Downside is that M$ Office will not recognise Star Office / Open Office files, and as something like 85% of the world is (stupidly) tied to M$ then it's not a great lot of use unless you (and the person you are sharing files with) are grown up IT ppl.

    Star / Open Office will run on any platform (inc Mac) but to tell the truth it is usually used on UNIX / LINUX systems (not becox *X systems suit it better but becoz ppl that use *X operating systems tend to be more 'geeky', and perhaps more switched on).

    If u have an interest suggest that u download the free version, play with it, & if u are happy then go for full blown Star Office.

    Ultra 60 owner running solaris 10

    Quis Separabit
  8. I agree that Open Office is a good choice for home users who are too honest to pirate MS Office.

    Word of warning though, Microsoft is changing its file formats from MS Office 2007 onwards and I'm not sure if Open Office supports these formats as yet - Ulster_Rifleman may be able to help on that issue.
  9. OO word bit is very good, almost identical to MS Word. Powerpoint bit is a little different and probably not as good as the add-ons in MS Powerpoint, however, I am very happy with it as I use it quite a bit for pretty good presentations and there are some updates available. OO 2.3 also out and noticeaby better.

    Highly recommend it. Just not sure about ditching MS altogether and gong Linux
  10. Cheers IT_Guy...

    Not altogether sure about Open office but the current version of Star office is v7

    I expect that Star office next version will be compatible with any future versions of M$ and also expect that Open office will follow suit.

    Will keep my eye on this..

  11. I've OpenOffice on a client machine, and can confirm that the new MS Word format (.docx) doesn't work on it. .docx doesn't work natively on previous versions of Microsoft Office either
  12. Like a lot of things, its horses for courses. Open Office is free and not bad if all you want to use it for is basic at home functions. But as an MS Office developer, who frequently automates and creates Wizards etc for everyday Office tasks, Open Office cannot compete with Microsofts VBA
  13. i have used open office and found the word preprocessing fine, but went back to office 97 as i didn't want to reteach open office to correctly spell my swearing and various other spechul words i use.

    Please SD tell me this is a Wah about Microsoft once again making the choice up grade or instant incompatibility though.

    what benefit does .docx offer over .doc ffs :roll:
  14. For a normal home user absolutely nothing. Docx is essential simply Xml, which will make it a lot easier and nicer to publish things to the web and also be able to use Word documents themselves as data sources.

    But with regard to writing your bog standard letter, its not worth upgrading. To be honest it hasnt been worht upgrading for the average user for many years now. I still use Office XP at home (2002) and whilst I would like the latest version (simply because I am one of those who always wants the latest :) ) the simplt trruth is, I dont need it
  15. Anyone who uses any 'office' app (and they are all the same) to publish things to the web is a plonker, these tools generate lots of unwanted, useless and heavy code which make the resulting web page load slowly, use up loadsa bandwith and as a result frustrate the end user.

    Only way is the old way - generate your own code using the keyboard and your fingers.