Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bullshit, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. Check out the above free MS Office style package. I have been using it for a while and find it as good as MS Office and in some ways better as it loses the bloatWare.

    Could MOD not look at this? How much could we save overnight? It is fully programmable and can import all Office files.
  2. Imagine the chaos caused by replacing every office we use. It might be free but is it worth it.
  3. I was told it was going to be the office package in use on Bowman based platforms. It is quite good, especially its compatibility with MS produced documents and presentations. I doubt it will become the default desktop package across the mod, its not on DII so i doubt it will happen.

    I know its free for home use, but is there a charge for corporate use?

  4. I can confirm it is the office package used on Bowman alongside combat. Quite a nifty system and does everything that Microsoft does and more. It is also fully compatible with MS Office, albeit some of the more intricate functions may not transfer properly.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    No, there's no charge for corporate users.


    P.S. Does anyone have the Defence Writing Templates for OOo?
  6. msr,

    You'd have thought that by now you'd have realised who your first POC for all these sorts of matters is!

    As soon as they're ready, I will send them to you! :D

    (PS I still have your other stuff on my floor at home - I promise it will be with you shortly!)

    And OOo will be available alongside ComBAT over BOWMAN, as discussed above by 'Supertramp'. I am reliably informed by the worker bees that a special 'user handbook' will also be released, explaining the mysteries of this remarkable application to complete dunderheads (i.e. people like me).

    In addition, there is a move afoot to make OOo the MoD standard, to enable users to use the system 'in camp' and whilst deployed. I am not confident that this aspiration will ever be realised.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    I am, given the generally low level knowledge of Word/Powerpoint* that I have seen, transferring to OOo would not be hard.

    *I base this comment on the number of presentations I have seen which have not used the 'Slide Master' to control the layout of the presentation and the number of people who gasp when, in Word, you show them how to capitalise ALL THE TEXT, Just The First Letter, or make it all lowercase, by selecting the text , holding Shift and pressing F3.

  8. Scuttlebut in the beehive has it that OO will also be tried on ATacCS to see if the officers can actually get used to it before they see it on BMan. :wink:

    Could save some re-train time and find any bug-etts before everybody blames that on BMan too... :lol:
  9. They won't be testing it on ATacCS.

    12 Mech already are Bowmanised, they have OO. 101 Log Bde are fully Bowmanised, they have OO, and 7 Bde are in the process of being Bowmanised, they also are using OO. It is in service now and being used army wide.

    ATacCS has just received its mid life improvement and they are staying with MS Office on a Windows 2000 front end, but sticking with an NT back end.
  10. Oh, so Bman's fully functional now.. that saves a lot of time then! :roll:
  11. ATacCS has actually upgraded from Office 97 to Office XP.
  12. Bowman is working quite well, and those units which have it are pleasantly surprised. There are some problems, like there are with any new system, but it already is leaps and bounds ahead of Clansman.
  13. Supertramp, how nice to see some informed comment about Bowman for a change. Sometimes it seems that only Wibblefish, GP3 and a few others actually have a clue about the project! Welcome to the 'not so disillusioned' club! :D
  14. I hope I have a little clue. I have to provide support for it to units. :wink:
  15. I think to a lot of us lower down the chain there are a lot of myths surrounding BOWMAN and all we hear is the negative reports. Personally i'm looking forward to getting my hands on it.