Openly gay soldiers now allowed in the US Mil

Discussion in 'US' started by Mr Happy, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    US military accepts openly gay recruits | World news | The Guardian

    And the US military drags itself slowly into the latter half of the 20th century.

    (did you see what the Guardian did there?)

  2. Going via the courts is generally the wrong way to go about such things (see Roe vs. Wade in relation to abortion), but I don't think that there was any choice left. The US system means that these days it is damn near impossible to get anything done.
  3. If this stands, it will be one of the chapters in a future book "The Rise and Fall of America."
  4. Of course, that argument falls on the altar of "Complete and Utter Bollocks"
  5. Fixed it for you.
  6. JJH, to be fair the British Military went through much wailing and nashing of teeth before allowing serving homosexuals to "come out". There was the usual talk of 'impact on operational effectiveness' this and 'male rape in the showers' that etc etc. What was the impact? Well, none that you would notice to be honest because we have maintained objectivity - the sexuality of the rifleman in the slit trench next to you is irrelevant. All you worry about is his/her marksmanship! I don't believe this step marks the beginning of the end for the US Military - they are far to a professional organisation to allow that to happen.
  7. Despite my profound disagreement with JJ on this issue, lets not fall into the old trap of think the US is just another county of England, but with a funny accent. To do so is both a disservice to them, and ignores the complex socio-historical make-up of his country.
  8. I realiz(s)e that UK forces have already endured this. As I have said on other threads and continue to say, comparisons between the US and UK must be carefully done as they can be very misleading due to the differences in our respective "cultures" (history, traditions, "values" etc.) in spite of other shared characteristics and at least to some of us, long-standing and heartfelt affinity and appreciation.

    I happen to be "pre-modern" in that I do not believe, on the basis of my Christian faith and other factors, the post-modern "progress" to which the original poster in this thread (IMHO snidely) alludes in his reference to the latter half of the 20th century, at least in regard to something like homosexuality," is in any way "good."

    As a student of history, I see a great many parallels in these post-modern developments and the various factors that led to the demise of the Romans and other "civilizations" when their inhabitants became increasingly hedonistic, self-absorbed, immoral/amoral, slothful etc. etc. One aspect of this deterioration and the reason for my original post on this thread is the apparent inexorable pressure (as we now see in the US) by advocates of homosexuality and all the other "isms" of gender identity and whatever other IMHO perverse iterations are now popular that their "lifestyles" not merely be tolerated but rather be regarded as "normal" by everyone else.

    As we are now witnessing, this pressure, enhanced by the documented well financed and placed lobbies that advocate such things, has not come to the US military and I do no think its otherwise professional ethos will outweigh the moral corruption that will follow.
  9. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not to pick an argument, but to further discussion I would suggest that the above highlighted is not a result of sexuality and tolerance of sexuality but something else altogether, homosexuality can be as ascetic, disciplined and productive or more so (with one obvious exception) than the heterosexuality. The issues you suggest have their origins in other socio-cultural phenomena including increasing wealth and privilege, or indeed increased poverty and exclusion for that matter, the access to wider forms of self-gratification in the form of consumerism driven by capitialism. Would you not agree?
  10. You have to also realise that the UK is now a majority agnostic society, with little influence now of religious dogma. Therefor when these questions come about over here, the answer comes from a personal and individual point of view, ie: 'how will it effect me?'.

    Unless you're a beardy, what is with face fungus and fundi nutters, christian, jews, muzzies?
  11. Not too long ago the Yanks had slaves.... now they don't.

    Openly being gay in the US forces will come.
  12. Must admit to being anti the policy in UK when it happened but to be honest the first openly gay soldier who ended up in my old unit was such a F*cking good shot that I put him straight in the shooting team. He was actually a good lad so I abandoned that particluar predjudice relatively easily.

    And on a plus note I never had to compete for women with him!

    My only concern is with issues like the Padre when normal banter is restricted so as to not hurt anyones feelings.
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  13. well... maybe... but the parades will be FANTASTIC !!
  14. Yup fully agree and it's not normal for our behaviour to be stifled in such a way and banter is about fun and making friends and keeping them. If someone over-steps the mark then we are all big boys and girls.
  15. I have no doubt it will come-that does not make it good or right. I also do not think your comparison to slavery is especially apt.