Opening Olympic ceromony

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by happyhammer, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. Who do u think should open the London Olympics in 2012 bearing in mind they have to have a reasonable chance of being still alive.
  2. I would like to see the Queen open the Olympics. An event like that deserves the Royal treatment.
  3. As a token of solidarity and friendship I think we should invite good old Jackie Chiracky. I'm sure he would enjot the occasion :):):)
  4. I think this kind of event is crying out for the professionalism, panache and sheer all-round entertainment ability of Bruce Forsythe. If he ain't in it, I ain't watching.
  5. What about Peter Kay in a brian potter style.....he may have problems negotiating the steps in his wheelchair to light the olympic flame though.
  6. 'Brucie' is 503 if he's a day! Do you think he's going to be alive in another 7 years? :?
  7. perhaps to light the torch they could set alight to Brucies syrup and fire it up into the whatsit as he pulls his now famous pose and pronounces
    "Good games ..... good games"
  8. Yep. He`ll live till he`s 1006

  9. Brucie is actually immortal. Most people dont realise that the film "Highlander" was actually a bio-pic of his earlier life, and that he personally chose Christoper Lambert to portray him.

    No really!
  10. now i know this is off thread but someone told me luther vandross died the other day is that true??
  11. Yes, he had his head cut off with a fecking great claymore.
  12. Yup, he has shuffled off this mortal coil.
  13. well, that's him off the f*cking list then eh, the big fat Kentucky fried chicken eating motherf*cker.

    how about a big dancing moon headed grinning troop of mongs ... just to show we care obviously and not for any entertainment value whatsoever.

    when they're finished they could all be bayonetted on the touch line and torched and kept burning for the duration of the games.
  14. I wouldnt be surprised if a similar with a less violent ending style of show is put on. After all the games are for all. With the current govt, it will be run by Bliars youth army, supported by Red Ken's mob and our new sport will be, who has the youngest single mothers, Gold, Silver and Bronze to us I think.
  15. Cracking idea, if we start them on a diet of nutella and ghee butties now, we should be able to get them up to about 45 stone in 7 years. Anything less than that, and they wont last the course. Where do you suggest we insert the wick? we could surgically implant it into their heads, or the easier option would be to ram it up their hula with a broom handle.