Opening Day Shooting Season 2007-2008

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Cuddles, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. We started on Saturday, with a nice steady fifty bird bag. Oh and one fox! That'll teach the thieving b'tard!

    It was a perfect day - we had three new guns, all who shot extremely well unlike the rest of us. The weather was nice and my chicken sandwiches delicious as was the Arkells 3B brought by an ex-gunner officer who shoots with us. In fact out of sixteen guns we now have two ex-Gunners, two Scottish infantry, two Int corps and one ex-Stafford. A suitable proportion of the population I feel!

    Finally we had a high turnout at the pub on the hill;where they serve Butcombe and Doom Bar, 6X and Stowford to refresh thirsty guns, beaters and pickers up. Windsor did two blind retrieves in super-quick style. I got three birds with five shots. Then home for a curry and NZ getting gubbed by Johnny really does not get any better than that.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Glad to hear you did well, the shoot that I run the beating on has had a few hiccups getting the ball rolling this year but check out the blog and the bag was a good mixed one if a little light. Roll on the 27th and I'll have more dogs, pickers ups and beaters not forgetting a full complement of guns!
    Musnt forget the lovely pair of puppies on the waitress in the chestnut mare! One of my female beaters said that they would be on her knees by the time she reached 60, I replied with more like 3 o clock when the pub shut if I had my way!
  3. Does the shoot sell on your bag or do you take the lot away with you? If so, how much for a brace? Not in a syndicate myself, and have not managed to walk up any birds yet, wondering if the summer has taken it's toll on the poults earlier on in the season. Would like to get some pheasant on the table soon.
  4. We don't shoot enough to sell on. Everyone (guns that is) gets a brace. Then the beaters and pickers up and then if there are any others, the greediest guns get second dibs!

    Mine are awaiting my attentions in the shed and will be curried (yes, curried) later this week.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I put a hare in the freezer ready for currying later this winter!
  6. You are not alone. We curry pheasants as well. I have given up plucking them pretty much altogether so they get skinned and curried or casseroled these days.

    Making me hungry now.
  7. Not starting shooting until 25th - and that still seems quite early judging by the tails on the birds yesterday. Five new young dogs are joining the shoot (incl one of mine) so it should be entertaining in that regard, if nothing else......

  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We had a new gun start on saturday gone with his allegedly wifes trained flatcoat. Another 3 counties dog! Still he seems alright though!
  9. Switched to skinning as the Mrs was creating about the mess (whats wrong with feathers in the toaster FFS?) - still roast up nicely with protective bacon and lots of basting if you're careful.

    Thought I might 1/4, marinade and BBQ as an experiment - I don't hang them for more than a couple of days as a rule.

    Damn, I'm starting to drool.

    ZX9 what's your location? - I am trying to arrange a trip to the farm subject to time off, £, and the Mrs letting me out on my own after the cat 'incident', so will be travelling the M1/M6/M54 corridor. If I actually manage to bag anything, you're welcome to a spare bird. I would say brace but I have no idea what's wandering around the farm apart from flopsy by the thousand.
  10. Intensive breeding of birds with the sole purpose of them being killed in the name of sport. You must be real men.
  11. Funnily enough, I don't do it to define or prove my gender, nor - I believe - do any of the women that I know, either.

    You are a vegan, of course?
  12. I don't care how they are killed (prefer it to be quick and I trust Ugly that it will be) - they are yummy. People don't kill them for sport - it is to eat. birds reared like this must have a far happier life than battery hens.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Its been a while but there is usually one you can rely on! :D
    I'll gladly take any wavering veggy or gobby anti out with me to see how life really is; red in tooth and claw!
    Not managed to mention how small my c0ck is yet, must be slipping or building up to it!
  14. Re: intensive breeding, that produces poor birds that won't fly hence is generally a non-starter. Its a cash crop after all. Pheasant poults are released into the wild (sic) as early as possible.

    Do you object generally to animals being killed for pleasure? Would that extend, eg: to killing an animal where there is a viable synthetic alternative to whatever animal product resulted?

    Have you really thought that through to its logical conclusion?
  15. Not a lot different from the intensive farming used to produce most of our meat /eggs etc and at least the birds have a decent life style before being shot, which is more than can be said for those animals, if the game shot is eaten i cannot really see any rational person having objections