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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by The_Bandit, Dec 22, 2012.

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  1. Good afternoon all,

    I am in the thinking stages of opening a surplus shop, either online and/or market etc in the Southampton/New Forest area.

    What I want to know is, with the introduction of the new uniform are people still wearing CS95?

    Also what items would be good to stock as there is a world of surplus out there and a limited pot of cash for starting up.

    Any help and replies would be gratefully recieved.


  2. So you are a storeman!! (kidding)
  3. Just market your kit as "as used by the SAS" and it'll fly off the shelf, I've even seen issue green soap being sold this way.
  4. Does the army have surplus anymore? From what I can see, the days when squaddies would, on breaking some bit of kit, shrug and utter the immortal words, 'It's a big firm ain't it?' have long gone.
  5. Bandit - People are still wearing CS95, but they are few & far between, usually in some of the more remote areas that the army is in. This is usually because the G4 support isn't amazing in some places. The only area (that I am aware of) that wears CS95 as a matter of course still is in the jungle warfare school.

    I wouldn't base any kind of business on the sale of '95 kit, its use is far too limited nowadays.
  6. Cheers Timble, I was thinking more CS95 for the civvy wearers (hunting, fishing, walting etc) and cadets. For the serving I wanted to know what type of things do you go to the surplus shop for. Like MPC shopping lists that kind of stuff. Unfortunately I have forgotten what I used to buy. Other than bloody twisters.
  7. You have two established suppliers to compete with in the Southampton area. Whilst nice to stock shelves with lots of chinese but green stuff, maybe you should look at their stock first. Your difficulty will be deciding whether to go for kit over the £100 mark, or have full shelves.
  8. My local store, Semma4, in Maidstone has good links with local cadet units & makes up packages of clothing, boots & webbing to get them started. He also does embroidered work wear for local traders & has an online site.
  9. Aim your stuff towards airsofters too. They all want MTP.
  10. Look at the re-enactment market, see the Soldier of Fortune Website for a few ideas.

    Have another string to your bow and go down the workware aveneue.
  11. Our Regt is now in MTP, although we do break out the CS95 kit for range days and the odd exercise. It's not quite dead yet.

  12. I don't blame you! Even on tour this Velcro does my nut in! Def in favour of DPM on exercise back in the UK.
  13. Have you done a feasible study/research as to your competitors?

    One of the largest and well established that I'm aware of is Sabre Sales in Southsea (his stock is mahoosive)unsure within the Bournemouth & Weymouth area though, plus you have all the surplus market stall holders.

    Good luck with your venture either way & seasons greetings.
  14. The only advice I can give you is do not buy from army surplus wholesalers; cut out the middleman and buy direct from the surplus army.

    Good luck. Workware is a genuine good tip.
  15. Surplus shops are getting to be a thing of the past. Most buy their stuff off ebay or online stores nowadays. Loads of dodgy squaddies selling cheap stuff on ebay.