Open Water Swimming

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by schweik, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. I have been doing a bit of open water swimming recently, but not in too serious a way. No organised swims, just me in the sea or in lakes and rivers. I recently went swimming in the Lake District with some members of the Outdoor Swimming Society and am now seriously tempted to take it a bit more seriously. In particular I am thinking of signing up for the "Great Manchester Swim" on 1st july. If I do, and if it goes well, then there will be many more swims to follow.

    Problem is, the GMS (like other events of its type) is a wetsuit only event. So I would need a swimming type or triathlon type wetsuit. Now - given that its not necessarily a lifelong passion (yet) - I will need a cheap one. Obviously I am checking ebay. Anyone know where else I might look for a cheap but reasonably OK wetsuit for open water swimming/triathlons? Any decent suppliers out there that anyone knows of?
  2. there are quite a few online triathlon stores, the tri wetsuit is made to swim in and gives you some extra buoyancy.

    there is jus a few off the top of my head, wiggle, tri uk, chain reaction etc.

    Be careful of sizing if buying online, best to get to a store and tri before you buy!!

  3. Try Decathlon if there's on near you. Cheap and cheerful but will probably last a couple of seasons and if you're still serious by then, you can get a decent one
  4. If anyone is in or around Salford Quays weekdays/weekends dinnertime 'ish an events group set up at Dock 9, for a few quid you can get in the oggin and do their mile swim, proper bit of phys ! Plenty of gash turn up a well :)

    Water is clean and oxygenated too.

  5. I do this pretty seriously....

    1. Do not buy a wettie from eBay, not unless you've tried a similar one on before and know it fits beautifully and gives you enough movement. Bad bad idea.
    2. Try hiring a decent wettie, lots of places around google it but Wetsuit Hire, 2XU Wetsuits for Hire and Rental Wetsuits - My Wetsuit Hire or TriUK certainly do them.
    3. Borrow?
    4. Decathlon suits are for sailing or peeing around in boats, canoes. They are not much fun to swim in. Same goes for Aldi and the like. You'll use them for one or two swims only.
    5. Buy oh please buy some Aquaglide (don't use vaseline it will rot the suit). You're going to get burn marks around the collar, almost guaranteed. Aquaglide will stop this, it's expensive but eBay will get you the best price. It will stop a great deal of pain.
    6. If you do go to a Tri store get them to fit you. Then haggle like hell, they will shift on the price. Me and the Mrs got a total of £180 off two suits. Mind you they knew me, and know I'm a tight fisted git. Don't be conned by names. I was determined to buy a blue seveny helix, but it just did not fit my body, ended up with an Orca that I've now swum in for three years done a few Ironmans in and I still love it. Buy what's right and it will last.
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  6. what a load of wusses, we used to have our summer camp at Fort Tregantle for the first 3 weeks in may, as a 16yearold lifeguard had to swim 3miles in open water in plymouth sound every morning as training, no such thing as wetsuits for boy soldiers in 1961, 50 years on I have cultivated my own layer of insulation, in preparation for my 15 yard dash in the neighbours pool
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  7. Thanks all. I have now signed up for the Great Manchester Swim and am beginning the search for a cheap wetsuit. First stop is going to be my local triathlon shop here in Birmingham for a chat and maybe find out about sizing. Then may check out the websites of some online suppliers.

    Nignoy - I tend to agree. I was swimming in a river up on Exmoor at Easter in just a apir of trunks, and swam across Rydal Water and back in the lake district last weekend similarly attired. But you can't enter the swim without a wetsuit so its a case of rules is rules I'm afraid.

  8. what he said on these points, i hired mine from one of the above links then bought it off them for a nominal extra ocst at teh end of last season,

    good luck and enjoy it
  9. I hired first time and have now purchased a Blue Seventy, as said above make sure it is a swimming suit and that it fits and that it fits and then check again that it fits., Aquaglide is he dogs and is a must, some running shops stock it as well as getting it on e-bay.

    Best of luck with the Salford swim I was going to enter that one this year but am away so it is the Great East Swim near Ipswich for me this weekend.

    Without being competitive let us know how you get on, I managed 4 in my age group last year (50-55) in 26:42, though times are a bit meaningless given the different water conditions.

    Best of luck.
  10. DOn't buy online, you need sizing, especially if you are a funny shape. I'm 16.5-17.5 stone and 6'3 and it took around 3 attemps to get a suit that fitted me properly.

    You could try hiring, they do it at events....may be a bit late in the day to gamble on that though

    Google up triathalon stores or clubs in your area.

    PS triathletes are ******* obsessive wierdos have as little to9 do with them as possible LOL

    PPS take some harry black or duct tape with you as you'll probably finger holes in the delicate item trying to put it on :)

    PPS I did the Poole harbour open water 1500m a month or so ago (14 degrees), I'm a surfer and used to the cold water but....**** ME when that mammalian reflex kicks in when you put your grid in the water its truly fucks up your physiology and swimming style. I'd get a neoprene bonnet to go with your suit......and put your face in a bowl of ice cubed water every morning in preparation
  11. I resemble that comment.

    I'm not obsesive - I'm commited. ;-)
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  12. You eat jelly babies
  13. There is also the Inter Services held at Lake Bala in Wales every year, its a proper open water swim of between 1 and 3 miles depending on which event you go for and its done to Channel Swim Rules, ie no wetsuit, just your speedos, a swim hat and some Vaseline :) I think that is normally held around July time
  14. I am glad you enjoy open water swimming. I for one now shudder at even the thought of being a speck in a very large ocean.
  15. I'm booked in for Marlow 3km 26th August and looking at the Henley swim on August 18th

    Just need to get in the oggin and get training again, which ain't gonna happen as I'm sat up a ******* mountain for the next 5 weeks